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My 6 month old son was a very unsettled baby who suffered from Colic, Reflux and had no fixed sleeping pattern.
Most of my days began at 3am with a crying baby (and Mother!).
I tried a few ‘sleep specialists’ who left me more confused after leaving than I was before they arrived.
Our Paediatrician highly recommended Teresa Boardman and it was the best referral we were ever given.
Within an hour of having Teresa to our house I had clear direction through simple and straightforward advice.
I implemented Teresa’s new regime and after a couple of days, our son was a different child, a child who was settled and slept through the night.
I cannot recommend Teresa enough and feel so lucky to have found her when we needed her most.

Michelle Connor, Ranelagh, Dublin.


We are a family of 4:  twins now aged 6, a 2 year old and a 9 month old…life is busy.
We have used Teresa Boardman and her services on many occasions over the last years.

She has helped us in many aspects of family life:

  • From getting our twins to sleep successfully throughout the night at 8 months (it was bliss and never thought it possible!)
  • To advising us on toddler tantrums and how to deal with them (was literally tearing my hair out!)
  • To advising us on an eating and sleeping schedules for different stages of baby’s development.
  • We have also used the Night Nurse Service for our babies when they were home from hospital. Which was a life saver for us and meant we could get some well-deserved shut eye knowing. Baby was in the best capable hands. They were fantastic at establishing a bedtime routine, helping us to get baby through the night as well as making bottles, sterilising etc.

I would highly recommend Teresa and her staff, they are professional, 100% trustworthy, friendly, approachable and very flexible.
I know I can call them at any time with a problem and they are there to help.

Mary, Templeogue: Family of 4


We have known Teresa since 2009 when she acted as a sleep trainer for our first child.  Six weeks later, our daughter was sleeping soundly 12 hours each night and has done so ever since.  Teresa performed the same magic with our second child.  Teresa is a highly skilled and experienced maternity consultant.  She continues to provide us with expert advice from time to time and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

We have used Nanny Options to recruit a number of people over the years and have always dealt directly with Teresa.  She always manages to find the perfect person to fit into our family.  The candidates she presents for interview are polished and suitably qualified for the advertised position.  The only challenge for us when working with Nanny Options has been choosing between so many excellent candidates.

R.Bourke, Dublin.


We first heard about Nanny Options through family friends shortly after our twins arrived. The only regret is that we didn’t hear about it sooner. Teresa provided us with night nurse services for about five weeks from when the twins were 5 weeks old. For three or four nights a week we were able to get a full night’s sleep which gave us a chance to recharge our batteries and continue with our own lives. The big advantage though was the routine that Teresa helped us develop. She advised against going down the strict boot camp approach and instead helped us find a routine that fitted into our lives and yet gave the babies everything that they needed.

The other great thing about Teresa is that she is always on hand to give advice or help out if needed. Nanny Options have now found us a great Nanny and our twins are thriving. I cannot recommend Teresa and Nanny Options highly enough.

F & L.

I came to Teresa after I’d finished up my Montessori Placement after completing my FETAC. I’d never considered a career as a nanny. Teresa placed me with an amazing family that I have been placed with for our over two years. I love my job and am proud to call it my career!

Roisin, Co. Dublin

Teresa placed me with a lovely family three years ago and unfortunately, the position came to an end when the youngest started secondary school. I contacted Nanny Options and Teresa was able to find me another full time placement. I couldn’t be happier in my new position. If I ever have a query regarding the children, I always know that I have Nanny Options to fall back on.

Karen, Co. Limerick

Nanny Options kept me on their babysitting list while I was studying for my level 7. I was so grateful to have some extra work coming in, and it gave me experience while allowing me to work for some lovely children, of which I still keep in contact with!

Ana, Co. Dublin

I called Nanny Options upon recommendation from a friend when my 8 month old stopped sleeping through the night. I found great structure and advice from Teresa at Nanny Options. Thank you Teresa!

The Cahill Family, Co. Wicklow

I’ve been dealing with Teresa Boardman of Nanny Options for nearly 5 years, since the birth of my first child. I now have 3 children and she is, in my opinion, the best person to go to. I have been able to rely on them to help me find a childminder which is not easy. Due to the personal approach she takes, she is able to find a person that is suited to each family’s different circumstance and has never let me down. In addition to that, the advice she gives works. Be it from day time naps to bed time routine – none of which I would have had a clue about – it all works. She’s professional, thorough, incredibly experienced but above all, she takes a personal interest in you and your children which means the world when you are struggling with your new baby. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nanny Options.

Caroline, Sandymount

We have a 13 month old boy called Jack, who hasn’t slept probably for the last 7 month. We couldn’t cope with it any more so we called on Teresa from Nappy Options.

How she has changed our life’s, in just 7 days! I can’t explain how amazing it is. I’m so gratefully and cannot recommend her enough.  On top of helping me in the right way she called me every day and helped with anything I was struggling with and gave me the best advice, as he also had a bad head. Everything Teresa put in place has worked like a dream, where I and my husband are now able to sleep in the same bed again with also getting a full night sleep.

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for me and my family. Jack sleeping all night is already improving life for him and our family.

Thanks you for everything Teresa. Our hero! x

Siobhan, Dublin

We contacted Teresa in May as we were experiencing sleep issues with our 2-year-old.  From the start, Teresa put our minds at rest and assured us that she could help and that our problems were fixable. She has so many years of sleep training experience that she hasn’t heard anything that would put her off!  She advised us on the changes we needed to make to our routine and she gave us the tools to train our little boy to stop waking during the night.  Her support during the whole process was fantastic.  She checked in with us every day for weeks afterwards.  I couldn’t recommend Teresa enough to family and friends and wish I had have contacted her sooner! Thanks Teresa

Many thanks

Louise, Dublin

Teresa was a life saver for me when I rang her when my second child was, at 10 weeks, still very unsettled for naps and especially in the evenings.
Teresa is a great listener and was able to instinctively get a feel for the issues and implemented a plan to help my daughter settle. I felt she was “in the trenches” with me as we implemented the routine and within a week from meeting Teresa my daughter was sleeping through the night and thankfully has been a great sleeper since! Teresa’s help was invaluable. We have also used Teresa to recruit nannies for our children and she is always very responsive and has gotten to know our needs as a family.

Thank you Teresa!

Carina, Portobello.

Since the birth of our daughter, we would have been completely lost without the services from Nanny Options. Teresa and her team have helped us so much in getting our daughter into a routine and to even recently getting her to sleep through the night (including soother weaning) when I went back to work. Each maternity nurse has first class experience and the confidence to make recommendations to alter our routine, to have a more contented baby. All the maternity nurses are also screened very heavily by Teresa that I have every confidence and no worries with any of the candidates sent our way. I would highly recommend Nanny Options and we most certainly will continue to use their services and again as we grow our family.

Aileen, Rathmichael

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Nanny Options. As a first-time parent, it was such a comfort to be able to have Teresa come to the house before having the baby to talk through the essentials and what to expect once the baby arrives it was particularly good for my husband and it eased some of our nerves. Once the baby arrived it was great to be able to use the maternity nurses who were of such high standard and helped us get baby into a routine and gave us a much-needed break in early days. Teresa always on hand and there isn’t a question about babies she doesn’t have an answer to. I couldn’t recommend Teresa and her team more.

“I cannot recommend Teresa enough, after 8 months of not a single night sleep we decided it was time to do something about it. Teresa came around and meet our son and spent a few hours getting to know him and tailored a new routine specifically for him, with a few tweaks here and there our son was sleeping through the night within a few weeks, and still till this day if we ever have a setback I know I can pick up the phone to Teresa who will talk me through what I should be doing and what might be happening with our son. Next time round I will be calling Teresa a lot earlier! She has been so incredibly helpful and reassuring and her priority is what is best for your baby and will always put them first.”

Thanks, again


Teresa was the first person I called when we found out we were having twins. She was fantastic from that very first call, giving us great advise and tips. Once the twins were here Teresa was an amazing support, giving us the chance to sleep, which meant we could manage the daytime and enjoy our new arrivals. She was fantastic at answering all my questions as a new mum and as a result made me feel comfortable and confident looking after two small babies.  She got them into a great routine and sleeping through the night in no time. She has remained in touch with us providing further advise with all different stages, she has so much experience and is so helpful we can’t recommend her enough!

Sarah, Sandymount

Contacting Nanny Options was the best decision we have made this year! We received excellent advice and help from Teresa and Kelly. We were very sleep deprived after a long six months but within 3 days Kelly had our little baby sleeping from 7-7 and most importantly, very content and happy. Kelly was so helpful, kind and gave valuable practical advice for our little family. She went above and beyond to help us and we saw results very quickly. It is an amazing service, very professional and well run. We would highly recommend this service and consider it extremely worthwhile.

Many thanks,
Ailish Cawley

Teresa is a miracle worker, her tips and plan and routine completely transformed all our lives. Our little girl just didn’t sleep and within days of Teresa’s routine she was a sleeping beauty. I would highly recommend Teresa to anyone. She is kind and understanding and always available for a call to go through any questions you may have. Once we followed the routine outlined by Teresa our little one was sleeping for 1.5 hours in the afternoon and 12 hours undisturbed at night which I didn’t think was possible. I can’t thank her enough. Don’t think about it just go ahead and book her in!

Thanks Teresa

Many of my friends spoke about Teresa and how amazing she was before I even became pregnant so when my 4 month old baby completely changed and was waking every two hours I called on Teresa. This was the best referral I have ever received !! Literally within 5 days of implementing a simple and flexible routine my baby was sleeping through the night. Teresa’s methods are practical logical and easy to implement. I literally swear by Teresa’s methods and she has given me so much confidence in parenting especially around tricky things like weaning! Following her advice we have found family life so much easier and we literally cannot recommend Teresa enough, we count ourselves so lucky to have found her!

Sara Smith

We contacted Teresa in June as we were experiencing sleep issues with our baby we had moved house, gone on holiday and she was having a growth spurt we were pulling our hair out as our baby was unsettled during the day and most especially at night ( because she was hungry ). Teresa put our minds at ease and assured us that she could help thank god. She advised us on the changes we needed to make to our routine. She gave us the tools to train our baby to stop waking, and gave us amazing advice on how to get our baby settled into our new home. She was utterly amazing and her support during the whole process was fantastic. She checked in with us for weeks afterwards. I couldn’t recommend Teresa enough she was a lifesaver in our eyes. Thank you Teresa !

Adam Philpot

Having relocated to Dublin from London, we had a very small network and no family support on hand to help with our first born, Hugh.  At four months, Hugh was waking every hour throughout the night and wouldn’t sleep during the day unless he was being wheeled around in his pram.

The week before Christmas I was exhausted and at my wits end so got in touch with Teresa at Nanny Options having received a recommendation.

Teresa was on hand immediately and came to the house for a detailed consultation and to meet Hugh, only days before Christmas. She quickly took control of the situation and provided clear, practical solutions to our issues.

By following her directions, Hugh was sleeping through the night within three days – we were gob smacked!!

Teresa’s advice and support has been invaluable with regular follow up calls to monitor Hugh’s progress. We would not hesitate to recommend Nanny Options and we will definitely use their services again.

Camilla Corry, Sandymount

We approached Teresa after 10 months of sleepless nights and early wakes. She immediately put us at ease with her easy manner and obvious knowledge. After revewing our daily diary she devised a schedule to tackle the specific issues. Within 3-4 days our little girl was sleeping much better and we had a plan of action in the event that she regressed for any reason.

Teresa took the time to fully discuss our routine and identify where we could improve. Her daily follow-up calls provided the (much needed) support to Mum to ensure that all issues were dealt with minimum fuss and maximum return. That support is invaluable to an already tired Mum and it is of such comfort to know that Teresa is on the end of the line if we need her going forward.

We highly recommend!

Aoife, Dublin.

John and Dee testimonial

Our little boy was born with a few health complications, so we had a tricky start in and out of hospital. However it really went downhill at 3 months when his silent reflux really became problematic and he refused to nap during the day. After weeks and weeks of no sleep, he was just constantly cranky and we had hours of screaming every day. We tried everything we could to settle him and trawled through internet sites looking for answers but we were really overwhelmed and lost.

We heard about Teresa’s Sleep Consultancy through a friend and it was a real turning point. It was amazing to have someone with experience who knew what they were talking about and could give us direction and a plan for our little boy. She was even able to recommend health care providers to help us with his medical issues as we waiting months and months for appointments and unsure of which path to take.

Having someone to give us a bit of guidance on the tough days and redirection when needed was a lifesaver and very reassuring.

It took a bit of work but once we established a routine that suited our little boy and sorted a few medical issues he completely changed. His bubbly, easy-going, happy and a little bit crazy personality really started to shine. We are so grateful to Teresa for getting us to a good place, where we’re able to enjoy our little boy and feel confident that we’re able to meet his needs. We also know that we’ve got someone to contact when things get difficult or his sleep pattern changes for that extra bit of guidance. We now have a gorgeous, happy, adventurous and thriving little boy, who has been sleeping through the night since he was 4 ½ months, is now taking regular naps during the day (which did take a bit longer – he still doesn’t want to miss out on anything). The biggest change has been to us as a couple, we’ve really grown in confidence and don’t have that worry and anxiety when he gets upset. We know what to do and know that we’re meeting all his needs.

We can’t thank you Teresa enough for all the help.

John and Dee.

Myself and my husband couldn’t believe our luck when our son began sleeping through at just 8 weeks old, just like our daughter had 3 years earlier. However what we didn’t expect was that at 20 weeks he suddenly seemed to lose that ability.  He began waking initially once a night and then as time progressed multiple times a night.  He was an easy baby to soothe back to sleep a kiss on the forehead and an ounce or two of milk and he would resettle without even lifting him, so for a long time I didn’t believe our situation required a sleep trainer thinking that compared to other parents who paced the floor for hours it was not really a problem. However broken sleep is broken sleep and when he was almost 10 months old we eventually decided it was not an issue that we were resolving ourselves and we called Teresa. In hindsight my biggest regret is that we didn’t call her sooner.

Teresa came to our home within a week of our first contact and patiently listened to our experiences. She put a simple plan in place and was always on hand with support. The ability to reach out to Teresa to run a query by her at any stage was very comforting not to mention hugely valuable. It was a very gentle intervention that did not require inflicting hours of crying on our little boy but rather small tweaks to our daytime routine and the way we reacted to him during the night. Teresa’s plan was flexible enough to allow changes to the routine such as weekends a way – we put that to the test only 5 days in! With minimal disruption Teresa had our little boy sleeping through in under a week. We are so grateful for her skill. She made it seem so easy to solve what was becoming a mounting problem. Two months on and all four of us are still sleeping soundly through the night – thank you Teresa

Gill & Gordon, (Shankill)

Teresa is incredible. She is so professional and knowledgable about everything babies and toddlers and has completely changed things for us.

She really cares about what she does.

I am so glad I met her!!

Niamh O’Donohoe

To my beloved Teresa, a huge Thank You for your advice and brilliant work done with Keona knowing all the hard circumstances at time. You were not only our Sleep Trainer but also my friend with all the supportive advice given.

I would definitely recommend you.

With love
Brisilda and Keona Libofsha

We are back from our trip to Canada and the USA and I wanted to tell you that we followed all the advice you gave us and Davi was absolutely great during the whole trip and also once we returned to Dublin!

Thank you once again for all your support and sharing your precious knowledge with us. We wouldn’t be able to survive (no kidding at all) without you in our lives! ❤