Playdate Practices for Nannies

Most school aged children engage in play dates with their peers throughout the week so it’s a good idea to have playdate practices in place. Speak with your employer/employee about your preferences.

Some guidelines for nannies to follow are:

Get approval from your employer for their children to visit peer’s houses- there may be some houses they are not allowed to go to for various reasons.

If a child is coming home with you ensure there’s room in the car and ask the other child’s parents if they will need a car seat or have any special dietary requirements.

As a general rule, don’t feed the child anything too heavy or anything your child wouldn’t normally eat (e.g. Junk food)

Organizing pick up

  • Agree on a time and be on time.
  • Get directions if you’re unsure.
  • Generally, the rule is if the other parent collects your child from school/ home than you are responsible for picking your child up afterwards and vice versa

A child at your place                                                          

Go with your instinct but it is always okay to go through the rules are at the beginning of the play date in an informal way so there’s no confusion or people becoming upset or injured, eg. Don’t go out of the gate or in the attic

Let your employer know if you are uncomfortable having a child over. You need to be able to feel confident to be able to care for them and keep them and your children safe.

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