Sunny Day Activities

Fun Outdoor Activities

A sunny day provides the opportunity for children to get outside, enjoy the warmth, and have some fun experiences. Kids have a variety of suitable activities to choose from for days when the sun is shining. These range from simple experiments that need the sun to work, to simple play activities designed to keep kids cool and let them have some fun.

Water Fun

Water fun provides a way for children to keep cool on a sunny day. Kids can play with water pistols, a hose, or water balloons in their own back yard. Many cities now have splash pad areas open during the warmer months. These typically have fountains, sprays, and water showers, offering kids a way to keep cool while having some fun in the company of other children. Some communities also have outdoor swimming pools for children that enjoy getting in the water.

Beach Fun

A classic idea for a sunny day is a trip to the beach. This can involve a visit to the coast for those that live close enough or it can mean a drive to the city park lake if it has a sandy beach area for kids to enjoy. A bucket and spade provide the opportunity for children to build sand castles or dig a hole and fill it with water to make a moat. Rock pools also provide the opportunity to look for crabs, small fish and other creatures. Other activities include collecting colorful shells and pebbles.

Play Activities

Visiting a local park gives kids the opportunity to play outside in the fresh air on a sunny day. Parks usually have plenty of open space for kids to run around, and many also have playground equipment for children. Park trails provide the opportunity for kids to enjoy some cycling or rollerblading activities. Other amenities offered by local parks may include skate parks for some skateboarding fun and facilities for sporting activities including soccer, baseball and basketball.

Sun Experiment

A sunny day gives kids the opportunity to try some fun experiments, including making a rainbow. This requires a small mirror and a glass of water. Place the mirror at the bottom of the glass and pour water over it. Set the glass in a location where the sun is shining directly on the mirror and turn the glass. Doing this should reflect a rainbow onto a wall or ceiling.


Always take precautions to protect a child’s health while playing outdoors on a sunny day. Ensure that kids wear sun hats to protect their head, face and neck from the sun. Protect their eyes with sunglasses. Try a wraparound style for more protection. Apply sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays. The Centers for Disease Control and Protection recommends the use of a sunscreen of at least SPF 15.

Fun Outdoor Activities

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