Second Time Parents


Second time parents have much more confidence this time round. However, you should fully expect that your lifestyle will change yet again; you will have a new baby and possibly a busy toddler or older child on the go. The routine for making bottles, using the sterilizer and some sleepless nights will return.

Just like the first-time, allow family and friends help with cooking, supermarket shopping and general errands. Organize for grandparents or aunts and uncles to take older siblings to the park, or collect them from school. This will give you the perfect opportunity to plan and organize other day-to-day matters or for you to catch up on some well-deserved sleep.

Involve older children in the new arrival of their new brother or sister as much as you can. Do not tell your child too early that you are pregnant as nine months in a young child’s life will feel like a very long time to them; and you too if you have a very inquisitive child with lots of questions. Selecting a small gift for your older child from their new sibling always helps. Allow older children to help with new baby by asking them to get nappies, bibs, baby wipes etc. Let them choose a baby grow or other clothing for their little brother or sister to wear. Talk to them about their new sibling and tell them stories about when they first arrived and were just as small as their new baby brother or sister.

It is very important to have as few changes in your older child’s day to day life when the new baby arrives. Continue with their day time routine as far as possible; this will keep your older child happy and content that the new arrival has had limited impact on their routine. Inevitably there will have to be some alterations to the family routine once the second child arrives, so if you can introduce these gradually everyone will adapt with ease. There will be days when your older child will be out of sorts and can act out a little. They generally take out their frustrations on the parents more so than their new brother or sister. Remember this is just a phase and it will pass.

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