Nappy Rash

Nappy Rash - Article by Teresa Boardman - Nanny Options, Dublin

Most babies develop a nappy rash at some stage, normally around 5 to 12 months. Nappy rash causes your baby’s skin to become sore and irritated in the area around the nappy, and it may become covered in pink or red spots or blotches, usually it is mild and does not bother your baby. However, it can be more severe and sore in some cases. Nappy rash can occur when your baby is teething, or when solids have been introduction. Teething can lead to nappy rash although it is thought that it is due to your baby producing more saliva.

What causes nappy rash?

Nappy rash is a skin inflammation, most cases are due to a reaction of the skin to urine and stools. In addition, a germ called candida (trush) commonly thrives on the inflamed skin.  Candida can cause a more inflamed rash, spreading around the nappy area.

Prevent or clear a nappy rash?

  • Leaving the nappy off as much as possible to let fresh air get to the skin. Letting the baby lie without a nappy while they are play on their play mat.
  • Change the nappy more often than normal, or as soon as it is wet or soiled. Trying to prevent skin being in contact with urine and stools for long periods. This is especially important if your baby is teething and has offensive, runny stools.
  • Wipes are as effective as water, after cleaning baby’s bottom, make sure the baby’s bottom is properly drybefore putting on a new nappy. Dry by patting, not by rubbing, with a towel.
  • Do not use powderit may irritate and dry the skin.
  • Barrier creams or ointmentsthat you can buy from pharmacies may help to protect the skin from moisture. Ideally, rub on a thin layer of barrier cream or ointment just before putting on each nappy.  Apply not much to the skin, (you want the skin to breath).
  • Don’t use tight-fitting clothes(jeans, tights) over nappies, and always wearing cotton.
  • If a nappy rash does not improve with the usual treatment described above within a few days, then see your doctor or health visitor.

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