Nappies and Wipes

Given the wide variety of Nappies and Wipes on the market today, choosing a brand can be quite daunting. Many of the nappies may appear to have the same features, and it can be difficult to tell which the right fit is for your baby. The best advice is to seek recommendations from family and friends or your public health nurse. However, we have provided some information below which may help you find which the best is for your baby and to explore the options on the Irish market today.


There are various brands of disposable nappies on the market. The primary brand in Ireland seems to be Pampers; however, many parents are happy with comparable nappies from Lidl, Aldi, Boots, and Tesco. Huggies has since left the Irish market; however, they continue to provide their Little Swimmers ™ Swim Nappies as well as their Huggies Dry Nites ™ range for the potty training toddler.








New Baby


BabyDry ™

Simply Dry™

Active Fit ™





Little Swimmers™

Boots (own brand)Boots Baby Newborn

Boots Baby Activestretch

Boots Baby Babydry

Boots Baby Super Dry

Boots Baby Swim Pants

LidlToujours Midi

Toujours Maxi

Toujours Junior

Toujours Active Junior

Toujours Active Plus Pants

Toujours Active Big Pants

Aldi MamiaMamia Newborn

Mamia Infant

Mamia Toddler

Mamia Walker

Mamia Crawler

Mamia Junior

Mamia First Pants

Mamia Swim Pants

Tesco Loves Baby (own brand)















If you choose not to go for disposables there is now a wide range of Cloth nappies available. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, it is up to the preference of the parent. Among the most popular brands in Ireland at the moment are Tots Bots, Naty and Ecobaby.

Nappies and Wipes - Teresa Boardman, Nanny Options, Dublin


There are many companies that now sell babywipes. Once again, it is down to personal choice. Personally, I prefer the mildest ones available and not the ones with all the added lotion. In the mornings I tend to use warm water and cotton wool but find wipes are great for on the go. Don’t use wipes on your baby’s face as the skin there is much more sensitive.







-Natural Clean Baby

-New Baby

-New Baby Sensitive







Natural Care

Everyday Care

Johnson and JohnsonGentle Cleansing Wipes

Skin Care Cleansing Wipes

Skin care fragrance free


SimpleBaby Soft Wipes


BabykindDegradable Wipes
Tesco Loves Baby




Everyday Value Wipes

Everyday Value Fragrance Free

Ultrasoft Fragrance Free






Waterwipes Original


© Teresa Boardman, Nanny Options.

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