Going Back To Work

Suddenly your maternity leave is coming to an end and its time to be going back to work. It been an enjoyable experience spending time and bonding with your baby and you may feel guilty about having to return to work.  The thought of waking up at 6 a.m. and getting ready for work is daunting as you learn to balance your life as a mother/ wife and working mum.

It is not an easy decision to return to work as there can be mixed emotions. You might feel guilty about leaving your baby in the care of a crèche or Nanny. Nobody is perfect and there will be mornings when a small person doesn’t want to participate in the normal morning routine or has been awake during the night.

Here are five tips will make going back to work easier.

Morning Routine

It will take time to learn to balance your new roles. It will help if your routine is well organized and you have a schedule and a plan of action. Do a couple of practice runs the week before you’re due back to work. I’d recommend you arrange for your childcare to start two weeks before you go back to work. So that all parties are happy with your child’s routine and it also give you time to adjust. Make sure you set your alarm extra early your first week back to give yourself time. Have a backup plan for days when your baby or the Nanny are sick.

Sleep when you can

When mothers go back to work most of them feel exhaustion and sleep deprived is a major concern and when you’re overtired it’s much easier to fall out of routine. Your own sleep needs should take priority over doing another load of washing or tidying the kitchen in the evening. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from family as you’ll be getting up so early and you should aim to get to bed earlier.

Ensure you have time for yourself

While you have been on maternity you will have met new friend through Mum and baby groups. It would be good to keep in touch with these new friends as they can provide support and knowledge.  At weekends arrange to meet other new mums.

While at the office

Although you might feel exhausted in the first few weeks when you’re back at work.  It takes time for you and your body to get back into that work mode. It’s alright to make a phone call at lunch time to see how your baby is. Remember once you become a mum you learn a new juggling act and become a multitasker.

Give it time

In your first few months back to work, you will certainly encounter days when you decide that you can’t manage and need to quit.  Give it time, every mother need time to get adjust to a new routine. If after a few months you’re still not enjoying being back in the work environment maybe it’s time to look at different options. Finding a healthy balance that works for you, your family and your career is not easy.

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