Fatherhood Tips

Fatherhood Tips

Welcoming your baby into this world is definitely an overwhelming experience. Your life will turn around from now onwards. You will feel like a full grown adult who has a great responsibility on his shoulder. Sometimes, you will feel overly excited, and other times, you will be tensed. However, if you really keep your calm and learn every bit about fatherhood, and your relationship with your children, you will be able to enjoy this time the most.

Fathers are like powerful figures in a child’s life. They look up to them for any kind of help and they expect them to be their ultimate support. So, if you really want to become the Father that your child looks up to and has an everlasting bond with, you need to consider the tips given below.

Don’t Hesitate in Doing the Littlest of Things

If you think that changing your little one’s nappies and feeding them cereal is a boring task that you don’t want to do, then you should definitely reconsider. The best time to build a daddy-bond with your child is to be present with them most of the time. Mothers have a special connection with their children which builds when they conceive. However, as a father, you need to be more active in forming this bond because the baby isn’t as close to you as they are to the mother. So, change the nappy, feed them, dress them up, and make them fall asleep in your arms because these are the things that make your little one realize that you are someone special.

Talk to your Child

Infants respond to sounds really well. Therefore, a good way to bond with your little one is to talk to them. Familiarize them with different sounds. Say ‘da-da’ and ‘ma-ma’ to your child so that they are able to learn to speak. Even if your child doesn’t understand it, you can continue to talk to them. This way they will be able to recognize your voice and draw closer to you.

Hold your Baby More

Infants really love to be help in their parent’s arms. They also like to be cradled, rocked, and moved. They enjoy any type of movement as long as they are held in the arms. A little movement is good for babies. This movement helps develop their brain and sense of balance. When you cradle your little one, they will feel safe and secure. You can also bounce or cuddle your child, which will make him/her happy and help strengthen his/her bond with you.

Build a Bond by Taking your Child on Daddy-Dates

Are daddy-dates something new for you? Well, one of the best ways you can build a solid bond with your child is to take them out on dates. Mothers are usually much closer to children, but if you want to become your child’s hero, you will need to spend more time with them. Take your child with you to playgrounds and parks, and build a connection with them. However, make sure you do not take them to unhealthy places like fast food restaurants, etc.

Fatherhood Tips

Drop them to School

Not every child is excited to go to school, especially the younger ones. Children feel stressed, nervous, and worried when they are sent to school for the first time. However, if you make it a habit to drop them off at school, they will feel much more confident and relieved. Do not just sit in the car and watch your child head inside the school, but hold hands and make sure they are in the school premises safely. This is also great for making all the bullies run away, and make your child feel proud of you.

Be Patient with your Child

Being a father is hectic, but if you lose your temper quite often, it will leave a bad impression on your child. There might be times when you would be angry, frustrated, or simply tired, and you are about to lose your cool, but instead of taking it out on your child, remember that they are in their learning stage. Scolding your child is not a good idea and it only pulls your child away from you. So, be calm and composed, and try to be polite with your child.

Play with them in the Outdoors

Playing in the outdoors is a great way to build your child’s physical strength and make them healthier. This also helps your child become sharp and active. Therefore, if you want to become your child’s best friend, take them outdoors and play football or baseball with them. You can give them some sports tips and share with them your school sports team stories.

Set a Good Example

Everything that a child observes is what he/she adopts. Therefore, it is important for both the parents to behave well in front of their children. Treat your child’s mother nicely and with respect, so that your child learns to respect too. Whatever you do, keep in mind that your child is observing you. So, always give out a positive lesson to your child by modeling good behavior. This is the best way to train your child to build good manners.

Support their Decisions and Choices

Forcing your decisions on your child is a bad idea. Of course it is good to tell your child the difference between right and wrong, but forcing them to follow your instructions is not good. Let your child make their own decisions and guide them if they are wrong. Give them the freedom to be themselves, as this will build confidence in them and make them believe that you trust them.


The moment your child enters this world, your responsibility as a father begins. Fathers are the heroic figures in the lives of children. Therefore, it is important for you to live up to their expectations and give them a reason to look up to you in difficult times. Good fathers give time to their children and are never absent from their lives.

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