Bringing Baby Home

Bringing Baby Home

The arrival of a new baby particularly the first born is an exciting time for parents.  In hospital both mother and baby are surrounded by the care and attention of staff and family.  Mums can sleep reassured in the knowledge that baby is safe in the nurse’s care.  With initial celebrations over, the time comes for bringing baby home …….then reality strikes!

While parents may have the basics in place for this “bundle of joy” the first night is still a very daunting prospect. Making an effort to change, feed and settle this wriggly creature becomes a bit of an adventure for new parents.

They are anxious that they will be constantly checking the baby to make sure everything is alright and on many occasions will find themselves peering over the side of the cot or basket.

After just one week experiencing lack of sleep, anxiety and sometimes an upset baby; parents can become overstressed with both the baby and one another.

To help to prevent this situation occurring here are some handy hints:

  • Four-hourly feeds as routine
  • No bright lights on around baby at night time
  • Avoid changing too many nappies at night time feeds
  • Proper room temperature – not too warm 20º – 25ºC
  • Encourage baby to settle themselves and try not to get into a habit of excessive rocking either in the cot/basket or in the arms.
  • Always settle baby in their own room (Not in parent’s bed)
  • Establish an evening routine which can include bathing/massage to relax the baby
  • Proper winding – a relaxed baby winds better
  • Keep a notebook of child’s feeds, nappy changes etc.

Bringing Baby Home

Sticking to a routine for the baby in the first few weeks is fundamental.  Many people avail of a maternity nurse to assist them in this task.  Maternity nurses are qualified nurses, midwives or nursery nurses who provide a wealth of experience in establishing a good routine for the baby.  The maternity nurse gives parents advice on a wide range of aspects such as breast feeding, bottle feeding, winding and bathing.

Having a maternity nurse for night cover allows parents to get a full night’s sleep which enables them to have proper rest and to function better during the day.   Sleep coupled with the advice they receive makes parents confident about establishing and continuing a feeding and sleeping routine for their baby so that they will have, at 3 months old, a contented baby who will sleep through the night and is good at taking bottles and solids etc.

Nanny Options, a professional agency can provide maternity nurses who are available for day and/or night cover, even at weekends.  With a professional agency at hand it makes it much easier for parents to manage all aspects of having a new baby.  When new clients call us, they are directed to speak directly with Teresa Boardman. Teresa always gives as much advice as she can over the phone.  Having worked in childcare for many years on a practical level, Teresa has a thorough knowledge of babies and children and therefore can assure clients that the candidates we are placing within their homes are fully vetted and experienced.

After placements have commenced we are in regular contact with nannies/maternity nurses and families alike.  Candidates are visited in the family home to check on their progress.  We are always on hand to offer assistance.  For parents, bringing baby home can be an anxious time but with our extra help at hand the transition from hospital to home can be that bit easier.

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