Sterilizing your Bottles and Equipment

Sterilizing your Bottles and Equipment

The World Health Organization recommends you sterilize all your babies feeding equipment for the first 10-12 months, for example: bottles, breast pump, soothers etc. Basically, anything that will come in contact with your baby. Whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding you are going to need a sterilizer. Newborn babies have an immature immune system and milk is a feeding ground for bacteria.

There are a number of sterilizers on the market that will suit your bottle system, try to buy all equipment within the one brand as it makes it easier for storage and sterilizing.

There are 4 methods of sterilization used:

  • The old-school method of boiling bottles in a large saucepan. This can be time consuming and a little dangerous, also this can put a lot of wear and tear on the bottles and teeth’s.
  • Storing bottles in a container and using sterilizing liquid/tablets. This can take up to 2 hours to sterilize the bottles; sometimes this can leave a strong smell of disinfectant on the bottles.
  • Microwave sterilizers are quick (5-7 minutes) but can get very hot after removal, if not cooled properly they can scald. If used on the wrong setting, example: cooking, this can lead to melting.
  • Electric Steamers are the most practical and popular with parents. They take anything from 5-9 minutes and then cooling down time.

Remember that sterilizers that take both standard and wide-necked bottles are more versatile and that machines with space for feeding bowls and training cups will be useful during the weaning stage. If you travel a lot, sterilizers that can be used in the microwave or cold water can be a godsend, and we also rate machines that come with tongs.

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