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Parents are eager to learn more about the range of baby products available. So these informal parenting classes will show you some of the choices available and tried and tested recommendations on those that will work for you.

Class One: Antenatal: features education and resources on birthing options to include hypnobirthing, attention to the importance of self- care for Parents before birth and in the immediate post-natal period. The practical side of what to expect and prepare as best you can for it and any concerns or questions expectant parents may have. This will include a list of equipment required for nursery, prams that will work for your lifestyle and a list of what’s required to get you started ‘starter kit’. Saving time and expense!

Class Two: First Time Parent Education/Multiples/Premature Babies

Day to Day Care: Breast and bottle feeding, nappy changing, winding and bathing (including demonstrations)

Sleep: Routines day and night time and other issues that may arise

Play and Development: The importance of play and what activities to provide for your baby

Baby Products: A general overview of the products on the market and their uses.

Baby’s Health: Information about reflux and lactose intolerance, colic plus signs and symptoms of childhood illnesses. Also how to put a plan in place to manage it.

Safety and Transport: Travel Systems, a car seat demonstration and safety in the home

*The concluding part of Course Two will feature a car seat demonstration along with other basic safety information.

The 3.5 hour First Time Parent Education workshop will run on Saturday mornings, in a Dublin venue (TBA at local venue) and will concentrate on the following topics:

Class Three: Breastfeeding: How to establish breastfeeding, issues that may arise and how to overcome them, expressing and equipment, correct storage of milk and much more.

Class Four: Weaning: from breast to bottle feeding

Class Five: Introducing Solids and Teething: covers cooking nutritious meals, techniques, temperature, freezing, and various products and equipment. Teething will cover relief techniques.

Class Six: Sleeping Issues-covers the most useful methods to solve sleep disturbances, self-settling techniques, soothers, and other related methods.

Class Seven: Play and Development-covers different types of play appropriate for all ages, developing motor and sensory skills, music, arts, and related.

Class Eight: Behavior-deals with techniques for setting boundaries, dealing with tantrums, sibling rivalry, and related issues.

Class Nine: Toilet Training-when to prepare to toilet training, dos and don’ts, tips, and techniques.

Class Ten: First Aid– TurnAround Safety Ireland’s Family First Aid is a specially designed 2 ½ hour class which will teach Parents & Carers of Children the basic life saving techniques to act quickly in the event of a Baby or Toddler medical emergency. A parent’s or carers biggest fear is not knowing what to do! TurnAround Safety Ireland Paediatric First Aid Courses are practical and involve demonstrations, role play, PowerPoint and learners also receive an online course handbook

Courses One and Three will run for three and a half hours, while the remainder will be approximately 1.5 hours. First Aid Class is usually held over a day at the weekend.

Please Contact Us if you would like anymore information regarding our Parenting Classes.

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