Stages of Weaning

The Stages of Weaning shown below can vary from child to child, but moving your child from milk to solids can lay the foundation of a healthy eating habit and eventually food will provide all the nutrients your little one needs.

First Stage – 4 – 6 months 

  • Weaning your baby from bottles only to solid food.
  • Introduce slowly, freshly prepared food.
  • Puree all fruit and vegetables, like a thick soup.
  • Weaning spoons and bowls must be sterilized for the first 6 months.
  • The baby still should be taking 20floz – 25floz per day.
  • Foods should be introduced gradually and careful notes made of any reactions.

Second Stage – 7 – 9 months

  • Make eating a sociable event, include your baby at the dinner table.
  • Foods are now thicker and have lumps in it.
  • Encourage your child to chew and get used to the new texture.
  • The baby still should be taking 18floz – 20floz.
  • The baby is having three meals per day – breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Also the baby will be having one serving of cooked meat e.g.: Beef, lamb or fish in their diet.
  • Red meat is an excellent source of iron.

Third Stage – 9 – 12 months

  • At this stage your child will be progressing from crawling and possible even walking.
  • The child is developing their independence and may now want to feed himself.
  • Give him finger food and encourage him to feed themselves.
  • Their diet can now be like the rest of the family
  • No salt, nuts or honey.
  • Encourage your child to drink from a beaker, only having one bottle of formula milk at bedtime.
  • Babies who enjoy a wide variety of tastes and textures at this stage grow up to be good eaters who are not fussy with food.

Fourth Stage – 12 months – 2 years

  • Three meals per day.
  • Sitting with the family for all meals and using a spoon, fork and knife (plastic).
  • Limit intake of foods that are high in sugar and salt.
  • At this age there may be a change in their eating habits and favorite meals may be refused – this is normal behavior.
  • Encourage their involvement with food preparation, make meals interesting

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