Baby’s Development – 9 Months Old

Baby’s Development - 9 months old

There is so much to do and to understand and learn about your baby’s development in it’s first 9 months so we have compiled a list for you to read below.

Natural Abilities

Movement – It should be expected that your Baby is able to crawl in every direction at this stage in their development. They will be wobbly on two feet and will rely on support. If your Baby sees a line of furniture in a row, they will make the connection that they can support themselves on this furniture and will “shuffle” around a room, propping themselves up with the sofa, coffee table, armchair etc. You should offer support to your Baby by demonstrating to them how to get from the standing position to a sitting position. Clothes selection is important for this phase, as there will be many bumps and knocks. You should also ensure that your Baby’s knees are covered. If any irritation were to occur this will be painful and could discourage your Baby from trying to crawl.


Development – Your Baby’s vision will have improved to a similar level as an adult. They will also be able to drink from a beaker.

Hands – Co-ordination has increased at this stage to a level where toy bricks can be stacked and even smaller objects like raisins can be picked up. You will become aware that your Baby will use one hand more predominantly than the other one. Your Baby will also point to things and be able to wave.


Talking – Your Baby will talk more and more, and even though most words will be “Baby talk”, you should try to imitate what they have just said as this will encourage them to speak more and more. Your Baby will have created their own vocabulary for many things which you should also repeat after them.

Understanding – An understanding of simple phrases and words will continue to improve. Instructions will be understood, but it is recommended to accompany these instructions will an action i.e. “Throw the Ball” etc.

Vocabulary – Encourage an increase in vocabulary by hold your Baby in front of you so that they can see you pronouncing new words and sounds. As your baby is watching you, repeat the names of the everyday items you are using as you go along i.e., spoon, bowl, yoghurt, breakfast etc.

Baby’s Development - 9 months old


Books – Repetition is the key to early learning. If there is a book that your Baby particularly likes, re-read it to them several times and ask them what is in the pictures. At first you will then answer these questions but as your Baby begins to talk they will answer these questions.

Helping – You will notice increased attempts to assist with various things, in particular with dressing themselves or occasionally your Baby will insist on being the one to turn the pages of a book.

Foods – Begin to experiment with foods of differing textures. When making purees leave some “whole” ingredients to add in to the mix at the end.


Reading – Together Reading books while on your knee is enjoyed immensely. Activity type picture books are recommended, as these will have pop-up sections, secret compartments, movable pictures and different textures.

Walking – Your Baby will enjoy walking while holding onto furniture or being assisted by somebody.

Playing – A large variety of toys of different textures will be enjoyed. Simply crumpling up pieces of paper will provide amusement as will be placing objects into a box and taking them all back out again.

Activity Centre – An activity center suitable for this age group is recommended as there will be several activities to provide lots of entertainment and learning.

Play Suggestions

Toys Activity Centre Toys with buttons and dials that make lots of sounds. This encourages learning about actions and reactions. Lots of toys of this type improve learning of order and shapes according to size and color.

Talking Continue to encourage talking by repeating any words your Baby makes. This will provide your Baby with encouragement to be more vocal. When you talk to your Baby leave gaps for them to respond.

Playing Turn toys upside down and encourage your Baby to place the toy the right way around. Play “Peek-a-boo” with their toys.

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