Baby’s Development – 2 Months Old

Baby’s Development – 2 months old

There is so much to do and to understand and learn about your baby’s development in it’s first 2 months so we have compiled a list for you to read below.

Natural Abilities

Smiling – Your Baby’s smile will now be developed and they will respond to your smile.

Strength – When lying on their stomach on a flat surface, your Baby will attempt to lift their head for longer periods. It is encouraged to lie your Baby as much as possible on their tummy to increase strength of their neck muscles.

Movement – Your Baby becomes more in control of movement of their arms and legs. You will be more aware of your Baby reaching for things and stretching,


Vision – Focus has continued to develop and your Baby can see items at various distances (very distant objects will still be blurred). Mimicry of your facial expressions will increase. Your Baby’s ability to “follow” objects and you, with their eyes and turning of their head will develop further.

Hands – Movement of your Baby’s hands and arms is improving, with increased attempts to reach out for things evident. You Baby will also appear to “watch” their own movement of their fingers and toes.

Grasping – Your Baby will be able to hold objects for longer and will bring all objects close to their face. It is recommended that you give your Baby lots of opportunity to move; i.e. make sure clothing is not restrictive.


Mimicry – Ensure that your Baby can clearly see your face when you make various sounds. In this way they will begin to try to imitate your exaggerated “ooh’s” and “aah’s”.

Talking – At this stage of development it is recommended to talk as much as possible to your Baby. As the phrase goes “they will be like a sponge”, absorbing every word for when they begin to speak themselves.

Contentment – Your Baby will also be being to express even more and more sounds of contentment at this time. Gurgles and squeals will be heard.

Baby’s Development – 2 months old


Self-amusement – Your Baby will begin to be more and more confident and content when left alone.

Grasping and Releasing – As your Baby now holds onto objects, slowly take them away and give straight back. This will encourage releasing actions.

Reactions – Mealtimes and Bath time will result in excitement as your Baby sees you preparing for both.

Smells – Try to introduce new smells to your Baby such as flowers, herbs, cooking etc. This develops their sense of smell further in preparation for solid foods later on.


Touch – Cuddling and skin-to-skin contact, including Baby Massage.

Stimulation – the Company of another person, being talked to and being fed. Baby Exercises and splashing in the bath are very enjoyable.

Contact – Being held over your shoulder as you rock from side to side or in a rocking chair. Being carried in a Baby sling and walking around the house and outside.

Attention – Eye to Eye contact is important.

Senses – Sucking on objects, including their own thumb.

Sounds – Music and sounds, in particular music you may have listened to while pregnant. Music with rhythmic beats may remind them of the sound of a heartbeat.

Play Suggestions

Facial Expressions – Begin to show your Baby lots of different facial expressions. Your Baby will attempt to mimic you. Playing Peek-a-Boo is encouraged.

Strength – While lying on their tummy, hold a small toy in front of them and call their name. Your Baby will respond by lifting their head little by little. Try holding a bright object or favourite toy over their head, slowly lowering and moving further away. This will encourage reaching up for it.

Toys – Encourage play with lots of small toys that your Baby can hold in her hands.

Touch – Try placing your Baby on lots of differing materials from soft blankets and sheets to wool and silk. Use these materials to stroke her face and arms with.

Lights – Using a torch or projecting lights and musical toy, lie on the floor with your Baby in the dark and slowly watch the beam of light or light projections together. This will be useful when sleep training later on, as they will find comfort in this activity that you did together.

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