Baby’s Development – 12 Months Old

Baby’s Development – 12 months old

There is so much to do and to understand and learn about your baby’s development in it’s first year so we have compiled a list for you to read below.

Natural Abilities

Movement – Your Baby’s first steps will have been taken by now. Climbing stairs will also be accomplished with particular enjoyment gained by your Baby from sliding back down. Ensure that your Baby is supervised at all times at stairs and steps. You should have a Baby gate at top and bottom.

Getting Around – Maneuvering will entail a combination of walking, shuffling along with furniture and occasional crawling.

Assisting Toys – A push along, sit-on toy is recommended to increase strength of the leg muscles. You may also invest in a sturdy push along trolley, which is terrific to build up confidence. You may also wish to introduce your Baby to some swimming lessons.


Development – Your Baby will be able to feed themselves, and will have learned how to use a spoon. Attempts at holding a crayon and trying to scribble will be made. Moving toys will provide much amusement, as will pop-up toys.

Hands – Co-ordination has increased further at this stage to a level where several toy bricks can be stacked and even smaller objects like raisins can be picked up. You will become aware that your Baby will use one hand more predominantly than the other one.


Talking – Your Baby will talk more and more, and even though most words will be “Baby talk”, you should try to imitate what they have just said, as this will encourage them to speak more and more. Your Baby will have created their own vocabulary for many things, which you should also repeat after them. Do not try to correct them to saying words properly. Let this happen in its own time. Encouragement is the key.

Understanding – An understanding of simple phrases and words will continue to improve. Instructions will be understood you will have to prompt less and less. Ask your Baby to show you familiar items around the house and garden that they know or have a word for.

Vocabulary – You will notice your Baby’s vocabulary increase more and more particularly the names of familiar people and objects.

Baby’s Development – 12 months old


Books – Interactive books will provide lots of enjoyment and learning. When reading with your child name things in the pictures and encourage your Baby to point to them.

Helping – Increased attempts to assist with various things, in particular with dressing themselves will occur. You should encourage your Baby to assist you while tidying up their toys, building up to when they are old enough to do this on their own.

Exploring – Your Baby will increasingly wish to explore their own world and will climb up on things and into things.


Reading – Together Reading books while on your knee is enjoyed immensely. Activity type picture books are recommended, as these will have pop-up sections, secret compartments, movable pictures and different textures

Walking – Your Baby will enjoy walking while holding onto furniture or being assisted by somebody.

It is vital that you “Baby-proof” your home, (if you have not already done so), as activity has increased your Baby will be able to access much more areas of your home than before.

Playing – A large variety of toys will be enjoyed at this stage, from pushing toys on surfaces to drawing with crayons, stacking blocks (with your assistance) and then knocking them down. Your Baby will love the repetition of various games and will be prepared to repeat these game over and over.

Activity Centre – An activity center suitable for this age group is recommended, as there will be several activities to provide lots of entertainment and learning.

Play Suggestions

Toys – Activity Centre Toys with buttons and dials that make lots of sounds. This encourages learning about actions and reactions. Lots of toys of this type improve learning of order and shapes according to size and colour. Try to get some small versions of adult tools such as cooking sets, DIY Tool kits, tea sets etc.

Talking – Continue to encourage talking by repeating any words your Baby makes. This will provide your Baby with encouragement to be more vocal. When you talk to your Baby leave gaps for them to respond.

Playing – Encourage walking skills, using push-along trolleys and balls. At this stage in your Baby’s development they will love to play “let’s pretend” with them. It is easy to take part with a second toy car or airplane, making lots of noises. Pretend that you are phoning them on their toy telephone.

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