Summer Allergies

Summer Allergies

Summer Allergies

For most people, particularly children, summer is the favorite time of the year. The schools are off and children can enjoy their holidays. You see huge crowds of people at the parks, beach and other recreational places enjoying the weather. It is a time when parents do not need to worry about their children not focusing on their studies. Plus, most families plan a getaway during the summer, which makes it a time of the year the entire family is looking forward to.

However, with summer come some of the most annoying summer allergies. Sniffles and clogged sinuses, itchy eyes and runny noses are all signs of allergies which are seen commonly among people in the summertime. While some may get them for a day or two, for others these may be a constant nuisance.

Here are a few common summer allergies that can ruin your favorite time of the year.

Mold allergy

Mold is a common reason for allergy attacks during the summer. These allergies can lead to coughing, and even cause irritation in your eyes, making them itch. In worst cases, these allergies lead to asthma leaving the victim left short of breath. While allergies due to mold can occur anytime of the year, you must be careful because molds are most common during late summer and fall.

Summer Pollen

Pollen is another cause for summer allergies. It is during the early days of spring that the trees yield pollen. So, once these trees are done with their pollen-fest, summer allergies are triggered by grass and weeds. Therefore most people plan their outdoor activities early in the morning.

Summer Allergies

Bee Allergies

If you have ever been stung by a bee, you know how painful it is. Plus, the reaction it causes adds to the pain. As most families like to plan outdoor vacations during summers, there are high chances of getting bitten by insects or stung by bees that can be harmful sometimes. These stings can cause serious allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis. So, you must always look out for symptoms such as swelling over your face, breathing difficulties, dizziness, itchy body parts, diarrhea or cramps in your abdomen.

To avoid getting stung by bees, always wear shoes while you walk, run or play over grass. Try and avoid using sweet smelling fragrances, and always make sure that the windows of your car are closed when you are driving.

Seasonal Fruits

Some seasonal fruits such as apples, cherries, mangoes, peaches and pears, etc, have been known to cause allergic reactions in some people. After consuming them, people have reported allergic reactions such as itchiness of the mouth, or swelling of the throat etc. These allergic reactions can occur within a few minutes of consumption so it is important for you to know their symptoms.

It is always best to consult your doctor immediately in case you notice any symptoms of an allergy after consuming certain types of fruit. By taking some simple tests, they can determine the fruits you are allergic to so that you are more careful next time, and tell you what you need to do to relieve the symptoms. Allergic reactions in the summers are an unfortunate reality and prevention is essential if you want to enjoy your summer vacations.

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