Lotions and Creams – Taking care of your Child’s Skin

Lotions and Creams – Taking care of your Child’s Skin

Lotions and Creams – Taking care of your Child’s Skin

Everyone wants baby soft skin and many go to great lengths to make sure that they have a soft creamy skin which is delicate to the touch. While your baby may be born with the softest skin, it becomes your responsibility and mission to make sure that the softness is still there as the child grows up.

It has been observed that as babies grow up to reach a toddler or infant age, their skin not only leaves that delicate texture behind, but in some cases, even becomes quite dry and coarse. This is due to the harsh environmental conditions that sap their skin of its natural beauty and delicateness and makes it irritated or extremely dry.

Mothers use different natural remedies and also lotions and creams to treat any serious dry skin conditions, which might affect the children. Regular dryness requires constantly moisturizing, but if it is a case of eczema or severely dry skin, then special effort needs to be taken to resolve the issue. After all, a child deserves to enjoy a healthy radiant skin for years to come!

Naturally Radiant Soft Skin – Is It Possible to Retain the Softness of a Child’s Skin?

A topic of much debate and likewise concern for mothers is that how do they make sure that the soft skin which is the envy of all, does not become dry or irritated in later years to trouble their child?

In some cases, newborn babies develop dry skin within a few days of coming into the world, and require immediate medical attention to ensure that the condition doesn’t worsen in years to come. In such cases, doctors prescribe regular use of lotions and oils on the baby’s skin to keep it hydrated at all times. In some extreme cases, they also prescribe special medicated creams which help treat any early signs of eczema or any other kind of skin condition which may develop due to dryness of the environment and the skin cells themselves.

Care is the essential component if one wants to keep a child’s skin as delicate and radiant as ever. Different lotions and creams help with the task of keeping the skin moisturized at all times. With the growing need, many showering soaps with delicate oils have been introduced which claim to leave the skin soft to the touch and do not rob it of its natural oils.

Regular baby and child skin care creams and lotions along with medicated products are also available in the market, which are used to achieve the goal of a moisturized and healthy skin.

Taking Care of Dry Skin

If your child’s skin is sensitive or dry, it means that you have to take special care to make sure that it does not become irritated and affected in any way. Dry skin patches and irritated inflamed skin of a child is a heart rendering situation for every mother, which is why special care is needed to make sure that the skin remains soft and healthy.

Remember, a child’s skin is more sensitive and delicate than adults, which makes it vulnerable to direct impact from a number of environmental conditions. There are many ways that a parent can ensure proper care of their child’s dry skin condition and prevent it from getting worse. These include,

  • Only use skin care products which are free of any fragrances or dyes.
  • Avoiding direct exposure of the skin to the sunlight and harmful rays.
  • Keep the skin well moisturized. Don’t hesitate to slather on the moisturizer on the child’s skin. The more hydrated and moisturized the skin, the better it is for treating the dry skin condition.
  • Make sure that the child is not exposed to any chemical irritants within the house, like furniture polish, air fresheners and other aerosol products which may harm the skin.
  • Don’t hesitate to consult a doctor if the child’s skin gets extremely dry, itchy, and irritated and subject to regular rashes.
  • One natural way of keeping the skin healthy is to keep it hydrated from within. Making sure that your child drinks lots of water is a great way to counter the dry skin affects that are troubling them.
  • Using a cool mist humidifier has been found to be of great help in keeping the skin hydrated and preventing it from becoming excessively dry.
  • Using lotions, creams and moisturizers which are dermatological tested to use for dry skin.

These are good ways of treating a dry skin condition of a child.

Lotions and Creams – Taking care of your Child’s Skin

Eczema and How to Take Care of the Child’s Skin

Extreme skin dryness sometimes may result in a skin condition known as eczema. A child may also suffer from it, and it requires the attention of a medical professional to treat the condition, make it less irritating and prevent it from spreading to other skin areas.

There are some ways to take care of the skin of the child who suffers from mild or severe eczema symptoms. It is important to note that even babies of up to 2 to 6 months of age, show red dry and itchy patches which are diagnosed as eczema. Toddlers and older children may also develop signs of the skin condition.

To ease the itchy skin of the child, following are some good tips to use,

  • Keep the child away from all kinds of topical skin irritants like fabric softeners, bubble bath products, soaps, laundry detergents and others. Most babies have a very sensitive skin which may react to any kind of contact with such substances, leading to dryness and painful itching.
  • Use a dermatologist recommended good eczema cream which is totally free of fragrance. These are the best treatments for eczema. It is recommended to use these creams on a daily basis several times throughout the day. The eczema creams are advised to be applied directly after the child has had a bath.
  • It is best to avoid overheating the child. It is highly recommended to dress the child in light breathable fabrics, so that the child’s skin does not get irritated. Too much heat can worsen the eczema which can lead to discomfort.
  • It is important to wash and bathe the child with lukewarm water, since hot water can leave the skin very dry and make it red and irritated.

While sometimes oral medication may be required, but gentle skin care with the need to keep the skin moisturized at all times is the important thing for helping children suffering from eczema.

Using Lotions and Creams for Skin Care and Treatment

Whether the child suffers from eczema, has a dry skin or just needs to have proper moisturisation on a daily basis, good quality creams and lotions play an important part in helping maintain a healthy skin.

The most important thing to ensure is that the lotions and creams you choose to use on the child’s skin are,

  • Dermatological tested
  • Free of any fragrances or perfumes
  • Have a list of proven high quality ingredients promising good skin health care, and
  • In cases of eczema or any other dry skin condition, are the recommended medicated ointment which offer satisfactory results

In view of the demand, creams and lotions with healthy plant oils are also available which restore the natural hydrated and moisturized condition of the skin. It is very important that in cases of eczema or any other form of serious skin dryness, the cream and lotion you use should be recommended and prescribed by the doctor.

Natural Body Oil – A Child’s Perfect Moisture Source?

Many prefer to use natural oils like coconut and olive oils to restore the hydration to the skin. Some lotions, natural ointments and a range of naturally occurring oils are a favorite for preventing the moisture from drying off the skin. But there is one important thing that many anxious mothers tend to overlook, and that is the natural skin oil of the child.

While it is great to use the right lotions and humidifiers to keep your babies skin hydrated, make sure you don’t rob off the child’s skin of its natural oils, which are the perfect treatment for all skin conditions. You need to strike the perfect balance between the uses of lotions, creams and moisturizers, acting smart and letting nature heal the skin itself through the naturally occurring skin oils. Everything working in an ideal combination is the best way to keep your child’s skin hydrated and healthy.

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