Importance of Car Seats for Babies and Children

Importance of Car Seats for Babies and Children

Importance of car seats for babies and children

It is important for every parent to ensure the safety of their child in any vehicle. Every year, a number of children get killed or injured in car accidents all across the globe. So, the best way to ensure the safety of your child and to prevent injuries to them is to correctly restrain them in car seats when you take them along on any journey.

First time Parents

For expectant parents as well, it is vital that they give themselves sufficient time to prepare and learn how to properly install car seats in their vehicle because being stuck in traffic or travelling long distances with new born babies is exhausting and nerve-racking. Car seats for your children give you the peace of mind while you drive as you know your children are safe.

It is essential for parents to use the right car seats for their children. However, knowing which one is best for them depends upon certain factors such as their size, age, and the type of car you drive.

Importance of car seats for babies and children

Car seats are almost a necessity for babies who are three years of age or below. Even the law asks parents to use car seats and booster seats till the age of 12 years for their children. Suppose you have got to run to a supermarket to purchase some groceries, it will be extremely difficult for you to carry your child along. They may slip in your arms or there are chances that you may even drop the groceries. So, car seats provide you the convenience of leaving your child in the car for some time while ensuring their safety during your absence.

Since protecting your child is one way of showing love to them, by using car seats you can turn trips in the car into dreamlike journeys for them. Child car seats are designed in such a way that they are perfect for small children to fit in. They make for the most useful device to transport little children travelling by car. They have a structure that is proportionate to the size of your child, along with a security system that protects them in cases of severe side impacts. A safety harness is also there that is more than useful for smaller babies. So, having such car seats for your babies helps you drive confidently without worrying about your child because you know they are safe inside their car seats.

Car safety for children: What you must do

It is important for parents to set a good example for their children by always wearing their seatbelts every time they sit in the car. Children always learn from their elders.

Once you are inside the car with your children, ensure that all seatbelts are fastened before you begin to drive. You must not start driving while your child’s seatbelts are twisted or undone. If your child has a habit of removing their straps or undoing their buckles, keep a watch over them through the rearview mirror. In case you find their belt unbuckled, stop the car and buckle up the belt again while telling them its importance.

You can even reward your child or give them incentives for not touching their straps and leaving their buckles alone. It is one sure way of discouraging your child from playing around with the straps and buckles.

Where your children must sit

If your child is four years or below, they must not sit in the front seat while travelling, particularly if your car has more than one row of seats. Remember, it is always safe to seat your child in the back seat. However, if all other seats are occupied than they can be seated in the front but using a booster seat with a secure seatbelt. Do not carry your child on your lap as you sit in the car. It is unsafe even if you are wearing the seatbelt.

Importance of Car Seats for Babies and Children

Child car safety tips

Always make sure that your child stays tucked inside their seat when the car is moving. Tell them to keep their arms, legs and heads inside the car at all times. Accidents can occur anytime and they can attain severe injuries if proper care is not taken.

If your child is naughty and does not listen to you easily, child proof lock doors can come in handy. They allow you to control the locks of your car doors and your child will not be able to open them without your consent. Also, make sure that you keep any loose items in your car far away from your children. There are chances that these may fly and crash into your child again causing them serious injuries.

Keep your child happy in the car

Knowing that your children are bored or unhappy inside their car seats can make driving a little difficult for you. So, it is important to always have a chat with them as you drive. Talking is another way you can distract them from the straps and buckles around them. You may discuss about how beautiful the weather is, point out sights to them through the windows, or even sing along with them.

For good behavior, always praise your child. If you know that they do not like sitting in their car seats, yet they do not take off the strap or undo the buckle, praise them for their good behavior. For a subtler approach, you can tell them that you like to drive the car when they keep their seatbelt fastened.

Keep in mind that your child may need attention anytime. So, stay prepared because you may need to pull over your car any time they are not okay or feel uncomfortable. You can provide them with books to read or hand-held games to play with to make them forget that they are travelling. Ensuring that your child is happy and busy playing with their toys or reading books tucked inside their car seat will mean that they are not distracted by the straps and buckles around them which will allow you to concentrate on your driving.

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