Advice for Family and Friends Visiting a New Born Baby

Friends welcoming and visiting a new baby is always a special time for new moms. It is a feeling they cannot describe. They are happy, they are excited, they are proud, and overwhelmed. They love having visitors and showing off their new baby.

However, the early days of motherhood are not really entertaining and are rather tiring. We all know that as a family member or friend who is really attached to the father or mother of a new born baby, it is impossible to stop yourself from going and meeting them. But you must know how much care new born babies require. So, it is important for you and all visitors visiting a new born baby to keep in mind the following advice.

Visiting the Hospital

It’s often best to wait until mother and baby have arrived home to arrange a visit. They are both being monitored around the clock at a hospital, so their sleep is greatly interrupted. If mother has had a C-section, mom is tired and may be pain she might not be feeling up to having visitors. If you are visiting the hospital, however, keep in mind that your visit should be very short, under an hour.

Do not kiss the baby on their lips or face

Yes, babies are kissable. They are cute and adorable which makes it more difficult for you or anyone else to resist kissing them– but you must not. Not all parents like it and it is not pretty either. Their immune system is vulnerable to germs and diseases and even coughing carelessly near them can affect their health. Moreover, people vaccinated for whooping cough can carry the bacteria in their throats for around about six weeks making their kiss more dangerous for these new born babies. Just imagine the severe effects on new born babies if such visitors lay a kiss on their lips.

Do not smoke

Most people are aware of the harmful effects of smoking on passive smokers. Therefore, it is never a good idea to smoke near a new born baby. Good hospitals make smoking visitors wear hospital gowns over their clothes before giving them the baby to hold. They know how harmful even third hand smoke is. It can seriously affect the health of new born babies which is why the parents must take care as well. They must wear clean and fresh clothes all the time.

Avoid eating or drinking near them

It is never a good idea to eat or drink near a new born baby. There is nothing more terrifying for a parent than watching their friend or any visitor sipping hot tea while holding their new born baby. Even the slightest of mistakes can be costly, and can easily create a wedge between families leading to reduced or even no further visits in the future.

Avoid taking your children

Having a baby can turn the world around for new parents in the most beautiful way possible. For them, taking care of their new born baby becomes their main priority. Singing lullabies while cradling them, talking in soft voices while the baby is asleep, and staying up all night to look after them becomes a norm for new parents. So, they may not like having other children at their homes during that time no matter how good and well behaved your children are. This is why it is important for visitors to leave their children at their own homes especially if they visit the new born baby within the first two or three weeks of them being born.

Advice for Family and Friends Visiting a New Born Baby

Do not touch the new born baby without washing your hands

Your hands catch germs easily which is why they may not be as clean as they look. Since the immune system of the babies is still weak, you must make sure to wash your hands before touching them to avoid harming them by passing on potential germs to them.

Respect the privacy of the new mother

Never assume that a new mother is fine nursing her baby in front of others. There is added pressure on new mothers when people are present during feeds. She may be finding it rather uneasy and awkward. So, be courteous and ask her if she wants you to move aside or leave the room for a while. This will help her relax.

Go meet them when it is convenient for them

You must always ask the new parents when they will like you to come pay a visit. Showing up surprisingly might not necessarily make them happy. So, make sure you let them know beforehand and ask if it is convenient for them. It is hard for new parents to entertain guests who show unannounced. Plus, also make sure that you do not make them wait too long for you. Be punctual. Taking care of a new born baby is not easy and the parents are tired. If you think you are going to get late, inform them before time.

Avoid visiting if you are sick

It is better if you cancel your visit to the new born baby if you get sick. Postpone your visit and wait for the time when you are in perfect health to meet them. This will also give the new parents a chance to relax as they will also be feeling worn out.

Do not keep hold of a crying baby

Crying new born babies are really difficult to handle. You will hardly understand why they are crying, so it is always good to hand them back to their parents once they start crying. They might be hungry and it may be time for their feeds. They may be sleepy and it may be time for them to be put back into their cradles. As much as the parents might love you holding their baby while it is quiet, they are programmed to respond immediately to its cries.

Try cleaning up the mess before you leave

Make sure to clean all the mess before leaving. Help the new parents rather than leaving everything for them. They may already be too tired and exhausted. So, even a little help from you will mean so much for them.

Don’t over stay

Welcoming guests is not easy for new parents. So, if you are visiting them then make sure that you do not prolong your stay. New parents are exhausted and in need for sleep. Plus, they need to give time to their new bond. Leave early even if your hosts want you to stay.

Never come empty handed.

It is extremely difficult for a new mother to cook. This is why new parents will always appreciate it if you bring some food along for all to eat. Try cooking something that your hosts love to eat and bring them in disposable trays. It will really please them.

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