Wedding Nannies

Nanny Options Wedding Nannies have previously been placed in Full Time positions with Nanny Options and they will have a minimum of 2 years full-time experience with a recognized childcare qualification as follows:

FETAC Level 5 or 6 Childcare (0-12 years of age).
Montessori Teaching Diploma in Child Care
B.A. in Early Childhood Care and Education
Primary School Teaching Degree

If no qualification is held they will have a minimum of 4 – 5 years of full time experience as a Nanny.  Our Candidates all demonstrate a genuine love and interest for the children in their care and thus take their careers very seriously.

Wedding Nannies are capable of sole charge of a child (or children) and promote a happy, loving and stimulating environment. The duties may include additional duties such as providing suitable activities for children, getting children ready for the special event, maintaining the children’s’ routine . When additional duties are required, we will endeavor to find the best Candidate to suit your family’s needs.

The Wedding Nannies can provide activities suitable for all age groups- including reading, arts and crafts, jigsaws, drawing etc. depending on your child’s level at Playschool, Montessori or Primary School. She can take them swimming, on walks, to local amenities, and various suited to your needs during that weekend.

Wedding Nannies can be booked for a period of 12, 24, or 48-hour block periods.

Parents should inform the Wedding Nannies each child’s “bedtime routine” so if you are going out early some evening the nanny will know how to organize the children and get them ready for bed. If you might require special instructions according to the occasion, i.e. if you require the Wedding Nannies to get their children prepared and dressed for a wedding, this can be arranged as well. Travelling overseas is also an option available.

Always leave your mobile phone numbers and other family numbers in case of emergency.

In the case where the children wake up, explain to the nanny what you normally do to get them back to sleep.

Maternity Nurses are also available to look after your little one during the night of the occasion. Please note, an additional room or suite may be required if you are staying in a hotel.

Nanny Options will endeavor to help you to find a childcare solution that best fits in with your family and routine and is also flexible to change, depending on your family’s needs, as it grows and changes too.

You can now book our candidates for all of your special event needs, be it a wedding, business conference, or just a weekend away! Please be sure to book your nanny 4-12 weeks in advance to ensure that we can guarantee availability. If you require travel throughout or overseas, it is advised that you book at least 12 weeks in advance. Group bookings are available, with multiple nannies available to look after several children at a time.


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Nanny Options
Nanny Options is an International Irish Childcare Agency based in Dublin. We provide Experienced and Professional Nannies, Maternity Nurses, Babysitters, Special Events Nannies, Housekeepers, Tutors, Sleep Training, Parenting Classes and First Aid Courses. Our Director, Teresa Boardman who has 30+ years’ knowledge is committed to providing you and your family with a quality service. She has gained a broad experience of children within different family setups.

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