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Teresa Boardman from Nanny Options is proud to announce that she will provide a series of parenting classes for first time parents and beyond. There are many different ways that we can support new parents. It can be confusing to choose exactly what you want from a list so we are delighted to be able to provide these workshops for parents. After all, every family is different and each child is unique, therefore we are committed to provide this service for parents.

The parenting classes will include practical tools, tips, and information which parents can implement at home.  They will provide information and conduct demonstrations on different techniques such as winding, bathing and feeding and related. We aim to give parents the very best in baby care, our combined knowledge and experience continues beyond those first few weeks and months well into the toddlers years. We can advise on every aspect of the early years, as well as baby sleep patterns and how to change them. From routines, breastfeeding and weaning-the list is endless. Our ongoing training, experience and study ensures that we always have something new to offer parents as well. We aim to leave each parent comfortable, confident and equipped with the knowledge in caring for their baby when they return home.

Antenatal classes provided both privately and in hospitals are an excellent source of information for new parents, particularly in relation to gaining an understanding about childbirth and tips for breastfeeding. However, Teresa has found that many first time parents are very keen to learn more about the practical everyday care of their baby upon their return home from hospital.

Parents are eager to learn more about the range of baby products available. So these informal classes will show you some of the choices available and tried and tested recommendations on those that will work for you.

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Nanny Options is an International Irish Childcare Agency based in Dublin. We provide Experienced and Professional Nannies, Maternity Nurses, Babysitters, Special Events Nannies, Housekeepers, Tutors, Sleep Training, Parenting Classes and First Aid Courses. Our Director, Teresa Boardman who has 30+ years’ knowledge is committed to providing you and your family with a quality service. She has gained a broad experience of children within different family setups.

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