Our Maternity Nurses

Nanny Options Maternity Nurses have known and have worked with Teresa Boardman for a number of years.

Our Maternity Nurses come from a background of Health Care Professionals, Midwifes, Public Health Nurses, Pediatrics Nurses and Childcare Professionals with a minimum of 10 years’ full time experience working with newborns. We always welcome new maternity nurses to join our agency.

A Maternity Nurse can be a great help for a short while after you have had your baby and left the hospital. Not only can you become very tired but also, despite all your love for your baby, you may feel unsure of how to handle the varied new challenges that a new baby can bring.  

A Maternity Nurse can help to give you the confidence to cope quickly and can advise and assist you in creating a personalized day-to-day routine to suit your family needs.

The main responsibilities of a Maternity Nurse are to care for your baby and assist you in establishing a routine within the home environment. The duties of a Maternity Nurse may also involve supervising and tidying the baby’s room and day-to-day laundry for the baby in addition to all areas of caring for your baby.


If you are planning to breastfeed the Maternity Nurse will support, encourage and guide you with this. If you are going to bottle feed the Maternity Nurse will be responsible for sterilizing and making up the bottles for your baby. A Maternity Nurse is on call for 24 hours a day either 5 or 6 days per week. She is entitled to at least 2-3 hours’ free time during the day to rest or take a walk. She is on call and available should you need her assistance. Her time off per week consists of one full day and one full night; during this time, the maternity nurse can ask to sleep alone or take time off outside the home.

The candidates arrive at about 9pm – they will get an update on baby’s day, answer any questions parents may have or give advice if needed.  Normally the baby is taken into a separate room and the maternity nurse will look after the night feeds, change baby if necessary and if requested prepare feeds for the following day.

In the case of Mum wishing to breastfeed, the maternity nurse will help to ensure baby is feeding efficiently and can wind and settle baby after the feed, allowing Mum to get as much rest as possible.  A full report on the night will be given to Mum next morning.  The maternity nurse will also help parents to establish a routine for the baby, advise on how to organize the day, demonstrate bathing and advise on essential items needed for baby.

We are confident that you will enjoy your baby’s first few weeks with the guidance and support from one of our maternity nurses. 

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