We are happy to provide your family with a housekeeper from one of our many Housekeeping Candidates.

All of our housekeepers have verified references and are eligible to work in Ireland. They also have had at least two years’ experience working within a private home.

Housekeepers offer great solutions for families, couples or individuals who are looking to use a reliable, discreet and professional household service.nanny-options-housekeepers-01

Typical duties of a housekeeper include: cleaning, laundry, hoovering, ironing, shopping, and running small errands such as post office or dry cleaners etc. and occasional babysitting, if pre-arranged.

“Live-in” housekeepers usually work a 12-hour day on a 5-day week basis.

Daily housekeepers usually work a 10-hour day also on a 5-day week basis.

Part-Time Housekeeping can also be arranged e.g. 4 hours’ service for 3 days a week etc.

Salary varies depending on experience/duties of the candidate and we are more than willing to discuss the appropriate housekeeper to suit your budget.

If you are seeking to employ a live-in housekeeper, she should be provided with her own bedroom and ideally own bathroom. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further and we can advise on a housekeeping service that best suits your needs.

To download an application form, Please visit our Downloads page.

Employing a Nanny – tax obligations guide : In Association with John Bainbridge

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