Nanny Shares

The option of a Nanny Share has become increasingly popular in recent years as the economy has changed. Finding the right solution for your family can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to weigh up options to what best suits your family.

What is a nanny share?

A nanny share is where two families will employ one nanny and share the cost of her salary. This can be especially advantageous for two families who have children who are in different age groups. A nanny that is looking after two children that are close in age, are more or less treated like siblings in this case.

In a nutshell, it’s the perfect way for parents to use the services of a nanny while sharing the costs with others.

Benefits of a Nanny Share:

  • More Affordable: all the benefits of having a nanny, but at a shared price.
  • Attention: One to one attention can be especially critical for babies who are developing.
  • Flexibility: You have the option of having either of the parents relieve the nanny. The option allows for parents to have other parents to count on the odd time, in example if something comes up at work and Dad is away on a business trip, and so on.
  • Socialisation: Children are able to form bonds/relationships with the other children. Toddlers can really benefit from socialisation with children other than their siblings on a daily basis. Additionally, this can be advantageous for children who may be going to school shortly, thus making the introduction to the school setting less daunting.

Advice on How to make it Work:

  • You must be completely on the same page in terms of salary, sick days, hours, holidays, and so on. Without this, the agreement is not likely to work.
  • Both sets of parents will need to reach a clear consensus on which nanny they would like to hire and why. This is especially important to ensure that the agreement lasts.
  • In order for a successful nanny share to work, you need to be sure that you and the other parents involved share similar standards on discipline, what types of foods your nanny will serve the children, which activities the children will take part in, which activities the nanny will provide, limits on TV/IPad use, and so on.
  • A clear consensus must be adopted on where and when the children will be minded so that is a fair situation that works equally for both parties involved.
  • It is advisable that both parents and nanny have good communication skills and have a once a month meeting for an update.

 Remember the 3 C’s to get the best of your Nanny Share:

  • Contract: As stated earlier, because two or more parties are involved, it can lead to more room for confusion and disagreement on the terms on which your nanny is to be employed. A contract will lay out any discrepancies so both the nanny and all parties involved understand the terms of employment, therefore eliminating any miscommunication. The contract should be drafted up after the second interview, so that all parties are clear on what the job entails. The contract can then be referred to when there is any question of sick pay, holidays, rate of pay, and so on.
  • Communicate: As stated earlier, more parties involved doesn’t have to mean more room for miscommunication. It is important to clearly communicate with the other parents involved to ensure the agreement is working the best for you.
  • Compromise: A Nanny Share is in essence, a compromise. You get all the amazing benefits of having a nanny yet you are sharing the cost.

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