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Nanny Options is proud to announce that as of January 2015, we will be introducing our “Nanny of the Year” Competition. The “Nanny of the Year” Competition was created to give praise and acknowledgement to the amazing nannies within our agency and to highlight their many efforts and achievements over the years.

To enter your nanny, or nominate a nanny, the nanny must be currently registered and working under a placement made by Nanny Options in either Ireland or overseas.

At Nanny Options, we are looking for the professional Nanny that is passionate about their role with children. To nominate your nanny, please fill out the entry form below.

Judging for the competition will feature a panel consisting of:

Teresa Boardman, director of Nanny Options with over 25 years’ experience in the field as a Nanny, Maternity Nurse, Sleep Trainer and Recruitment Consultant. Teresa has a scope of experience developed from her work abroad as a maternity nurse. Upon returning to Ireland, Teresa has built up a wealth of experience in the field of Sleep Training. She recently served on the panel for the National Parenting Product Guide 2014 for Easy Parenting, and has been a contributor for several media, radio, and television outlets.

Ita Linnane, has over 35 years’ experience in midwifery and as a maternity nurse. Ita has been employed by dozens of family around Dublin.

Maria Menton, director of Corporate Style, and mum of 8 year old twins. Maria has been employing nannies over the years and knows what it takes to find successful candidates as she has managed to balance both family and working life by employing a Nanny.

Kathy Berry, who has 20 years’ experience as a nanny. Kathy is an excellent example of a top notch nanny who is always looking to further her knowledge within the field of Childcare.

Karen Higgins, Senior Childcare Professional, with over nineteen years’ experience in Psychology of Child Development, Management of the Early Years Settings, Childcare/Montessori Teaching, Lecturing and Teacher Training, and the organisation and management of the Early Years Training programmes. She is also chairperson of the Association of Childhood Professionals and a member of the Dublin City Childcare Committee.

The winner of ‘Nanny of the Year’ will receive a facial from a select Spa, official ‘Nanny of the Year’ Award, and flowers.

We will also be featuring a new nanny on our website each month to tell our clients and candidates about our fabulous nannies, their tips and tricks, and what makes them an asset to the families of Nanny Options.

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Nominate a Nanny

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Nanny Options is proud to announce the winners of the “Nanny of the Year Competition 2020” are Jennifer Lenihan and Deirdre Comerford. The “Nanny of the Year” Competition was created to give praise and acknowledgement to the amazing nannies within our agency and to highlight their many efforts and achievements over the year, especially last year presented a challenge to many of our families and our nannies.

We had fantastic feedback from all the families who nominated their respective nannies, and the most difficult task in assessing all applicants and choosing the winners.



‘Jenny has been working with me since May. Prior to her starting my son had been alone with me during lockdown for 8 weeks. He was not eating well or sleeping much and was stuck indoors while I was working, mostly watching TV. Within days of Jenny starting, he was sitting up at the table eating big meals with a great range of food. He got straight into a fantastic routine with her and has thrived. She set about getting to know other minders in the area and through that he has made loads of friends and has essentially had an outdoor Montessori life since May. Aside from that Jenny goes out of her way to support me as a single parent by keeping the areas she uses clean and tidy, and cooking delicious food. She helped my son create a beautiful birthday surprise for me.

I couldn’t imagine a better outcome!’



‘Deirdre Comerford has been employed as a nanny to our 3 children (10, 8 and 6 years old) since January 2020. Over the last year Dee has dedicated herself completely to the task of keeping us all on the straight and narrow from Monday to Friday every week. She has coped admirably despite the difficulties associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, having to home school for 3-4 months on top of her usual duties. She has been especially careful about minimizing her social contacts to protect the family. Indeed, she has been unable to visit her own family in Carlow for much of the year. Dee is loved by the children and strikes a great balance between fun and discipline. She is also a great cook and frequently prepares meals for the whole family. She has introduced the children to Tai Chi and Zumba which they enjoy greatly. We would all like to nominate Dee for Nanny of the Year for being our guardian angel through this strangest of years, 2020.’



Jennifer and Deirdre stood out for their energy, dedication, creativity and enthusiasm for their families and the children they have the privilege of looking after.

We will have the pleasure of meeting Jennifer and Deirdre for brunch and present them with their awards and gifts as soon as COVID-19 restrictions allows us.

We would like to thank the families for their input and again huge congratulations to Jennifer and Deirdre.