Nanny Options, Nanny of The Year 2016

Nanny Options is proud to announce the winners of the “Nanny of the Year 2016” Competition as Nicola Durrant, Kate Adams and Danielle Jones.

The “Nanny of the Year” Competition was created to give praise and acknowledgement to the amazing nannies within our agency and to highlight their many efforts and achievements over the year.

We had fantastic feedback from all the families who nominated their respective nannies, and the most difficult task in assessing all applicants and choosing the winners.

Nicola, Kate and Danielle stood out for their energy, dedication, creativity and enthusiasm for their families and the children they have the privilege of looking after. We had the pleasure of meeting the girls for brunch and presenting them with their awards. We would like to thank the families and the judges for their input and again huge congratulations to the girls.

Nanny of The Year 2016


Nicola’s Nomination for Nanny of the Year.

We read it with great interest as given the year that we have had with our son, we believe that Nicola deserves a medal (or at least some accolade!).

As you know, Nicola started with us in January of this year to look after our two children who were both 9 months old at the time.  When we met Nicola, we were impressed by her calmness, her kindness and most of all, by the fact that both of the children were drawn to her and by the end of the interview, were completely smitten!
Nicola started with us the following Monday and we have not looked back since then.  She took to the routine, to the house, and of most importance to the babies like a duck to water.  The first day she was with them on her own, I came home to find out that they had been to the library! I would never have thought, at that age, that the library would be something that would stimulate them, but how wrong I was.  That is the thing about Nicola – she has the ability to think outside of the box in terms of their activities, their needs and their motivation.

Nicola did not have an easy task ahead of her in coming to work for us.  Our little boy, suffers from severe scoliosis amongst other bony complications, and is being treated in London for this.  In August of this year, we moved, as a family, to London for a period of 7 weeks for our son’s first surgery.  Nicola came with us for the first two weeks of that trip to look after our twins.  In the end ultimately, Nicola ended up looking after all of us.  When either of us would come home from the hospital, Nicola would be there, with a smile on her face to greet us.

Despite the fact that our daughter decided to place herself on hunger strike in protest at the upheaval and her brother’s absence, Nicola dealt with it in such a way that meant we did not have to worry.  No task was too daunting (including trying to navigate a tube strike in London to bring our daughter to the hospital).  No task was too difficult and no task was ever out of the question.  Nicola went home when our son came out of the hospital – much to her relief and our dismay.

Towards the end of our stay in London, I became very ill and was admitted to hospital.  We called Nicola, and despite the fact she was on holidays, she flew over to us the next day to help us travel back to Dublin.  Even once we got home, however, Nicola was called upon and happily obliged in working longer hours to look after the babies and allow me to recuperate.

2015 was a difficult year for our family, but it would have been so much worse if we didn’t have Nicola with us.  Our children are the luckiest children to have such a wonderful nanny to look after them and who, we know, loves them very much.  For that we are forever grateful.


Kate’s Nomination for Nanny of the Year

I would like to nominate my nanny Kate as “nanny of the year”. Kate has now worked with me over 18 months. Over that period, I have watched a strong bond develop between her and my children. This has emerged in different ways for each of my three children. My first child is an anxious little girl who needs a lot of reassurance. She is wary of any newcomers to our family unit. Over the last 18 months, Kate has worked on her relationship with her in a slow and methodical way. My daughter does not respond to crowding. Kate understands that and from afar at the start worked to gain her trust. I now observe this incredibly strong bond between them. I come back from work to find my daughter following her around the house wondering what Kate thinks and asking for advice regarding various small things that are important in the life of an eight year old.

My five year old daughter, is a different kettle of fish. Headstrong, sociable but very willful. Again, Kate understands how far she can let my daughter take things and reins her in in a nice way when she oversteps. As a result, there is a mutual respect and love. My little boy is three. He has been with Kate since he was 2 and all I can say is he loves her so much. I come home and he is showering her with kisses and hugs. Clearly a happy boy. He was an extremely challenging toilet trainee but Kate persisted with “accidents” for a year always with good humour.  At this point, my three year old has entered the ECCE scheme. As a result, Kate is without children for three hours in the morning. There was no way I was going to risk letting her go. As a result, she now manages the whole household. All working women say they need a “wife”, well Kate is my wife! She has made my life a manageable in a way that never possible before. I just hope she feels appreciated because we all love her.

I would like her to be considered for “nanny of the year”


Danielle’s Nomination for Nanny of the Year

As you now Danielle Jones started working for me September 2014. Teresa, I can honestly say that Danielle has changed my life and my daughter life. Danielle is more than a nanny. Yes she is incredibly diligent and efficient in every way but she is also a mentor and role model for both myself and my daughter. Danielle initially came to help look after my daughter. I didn’t realise that I would learn so much from her also. She has helped and encouraged me to be a better parent.

Childcare should not be separate from the parents or home. It is very much an integral part of the family dynamic. Danielle has helped create a family dynamic for myself and my daughter by offering constant support and guidance. It is so much more than having someone to do the school run or have dinner and PJs done. When someone does those day to day routine bit and pieces with such passion and consideration, you know they care and you know they love your child and you know they are looking at your family dynamic and looking for ways to help and improve things.

When someone works so closely with your child in your home I can imagine the professional lines can sometimes become a little grey. Danielle is the ultimate professional. Never has she let me down, she has ALWAYS been early. Danielle updates me throughout the day how my daughter is doing and we always have that 5 minute chat before she heads home just to catch up. Sometimes we sit down and have a review of how everything is going to make sure we are on the same page. This sort of open communication can be hard to achieve but with Danielle it is so easy.

Since Danielle started working for us, my daughter has thrived. She has thrived on the routine and stability that Danielle has brought to our home. Lucy is going through her formative years and I can see her naturally taking responsibility for herself a little more and implementing the lessons that Danielle is teaching her along the way. My child could not be happier and healthier, and without diminishing my role as her mother, I attribute this hugely to Danielle.

Some words that I can think of to describe Danielle would be balance, diligence, love, routine, initiative, fun, energetic, positive, pro-active, passion, strength.

In a nut shell Teresa, I could not think of one thing I would suggest Danielle change or improve. I cannot think of any nanny that could do a better job. Danielle could run an army with her eyes closed but she chooses to put all that talent and love in to my little girl and we are truly blessed that she came in to our lives. Danielle is a real life Mary Poppins! No other Nanny deserves the recognition of the award more than Danielle.