To be a Nanny (poem)

To be a Nanny (poem)

To be a nanny is to hear a child laugh and cry,

To play dinosaurs, hide-’n’-seek and play-doh,

To play Barbie’s, X-Men and Mary Poppins,


To be a nanny is to swing, slide and swim.

To climb trees, toss rocks and stomp in puddles,

To run through fallen leaves and ride bikes.


To be a nanny is to teach, listen and love,

To crawl on one’s knees, have fun and be silly,

To read stories, make costumes and put on plays.


To be a nanny is to be creative and imaginative,

To build train tracks, cushion houses and sand castles,

To paint, draw and use sidewalk chalk.


To be a nanny is to blow bubbles and dandelions,

To pick flowers, watch bugs and look for frogs,

To see a rainbow, bird or plane in the sky.


To be a nanny is to smile, cuddle and hug,

To say “good job”, “I love you” and “try again”

To be a big sister/brother, role model and friend.


To be a nanny is to feel special, loved and thankful.

To see a child grow – innocent, strong and wise-

To gain an invaluable experience and appreciate more of life.

To be a nanny is to be a child at heart!!!

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