The Working Relationship between Nanny and Parents

The Working Relationship between Nanny and Parents

The Working Relationship between Nanny and Parents

In the majority of situations many Parents will have a high level of both admiration and appreciation of their Nanny. This comes from having a great working relationship between Nanny and Parents. Also when the children grow up and the family no longer require childcare services, several of our Nannies reminisce with fondness of the time they have shared with these families.

From time to time, it can take a while to find the right Nanny for the right Family and this can result in dissatisfaction and frustration on both sides. In this article we explore what can be done to find the ideal solution and the best mix to keep both Parents and Nannies happy?

The key is to find out the main points on which both Nannies and Parents differ, and to try to resolve the issues with tact, logic and a good grace. After all, no Parent would want to leave their child with a new Nanny after every few weeks, because the old one quit work! And every Nanny wants to work for a family which is caring, and develop a close relationship with her young charges. So, how do we get a win- win situation for all?

As soon as both Parents and Nannies realize that striking a feasible relationship for all is in the interest of both parties, there is a higher chance of everyone putting in effort to develop a strong working relationship.

Building a Strong Working Relationship with Your Nanny

Having a good reliable Nanny to care for your children is indeed being as lucky as you can possibly get. Every Parent wants to leave their child in the care of someone they can trust and who can be relied upon to infuse good values and habits in the children. If you have such a Nanny, then it is important that you retain her.

Make sure that the commonplace issues and problems don’t tarnish the working relationship you have been trying to develop with your children’s Nanny.

Every Parent needs ideas and tips on how to keep their Nanny happy and thus, an integral part of their family. By knowing the golden formula to success, many issues can be avoided easily and a satisfactory working relationship can take place.

How to Strike a Good Working Relationship with Your Nanny – Ways to Keep Your Nanny Happy!

Your Nanny needs as much appreciation and consideration as the next person, and since you have employed her, it is important that you take care of her needs. Following are some ways how Parents can foster a good relationship with their Nanny.

Don’t Interfere

Parents might say that since it involves their children, their suggestions should not be classified as interference! But the fact of the matter is that many Parents tend to micro manage and continuously interfere in the methods of their Nanny, which leads to frustration and ill feeling between both parties.

One main problem is that Parents don’t let the Nanny maintain discipline the way that she likes. They also don’t let her deal with any problems in her own way. While giving suggestions and discussing any major issue is a good idea, it can nevertheless be very limiting, testing and annoying for a Nanny to be continuously told by her employers that whatever she does is wrong. It can also be undermining to be scolded for what is the best way to do something, how to discipline the child or deal with an issue.

Have and Show Confidence

If you show your Nanny that you don’t trust her, then it will naturally create a wide rift between you. You must surely have hired her because you liked her references and were satisfied with her credentials, then why has it changed to mistrust now?

Your child will sense it if you don’t trust the Nanny and will also not feel comfortable in her presence. This will cause other problems. Many Parents continuously phone the family home when they are out to check up on their children with the Nannies. This gives an impression that you don’t trust the Nanny to take proper care of the children, which is sure to put your Nanny off.

While it is reasonable for you to phone your Nanny a few times to make sure that everything is alright at home, it is not a good idea to be obsessed about it and display your lack of trust.

Keep to the Employment Arrangements that were Agreed at Beginning of Contract

If you have decided a definite number of hours in advance with your Nanny, don’t change them just to suit your needs. If you have hired her to spend a number of hours with the children while you are at work, then don’t extend those hours too much as it will inconvenience her.

While a work emergency is acceptable and understandable, if you make a habit of coming back late and asking her to stay back for longer hours, it is sure to create problems. Another thing is that you shouldn’t change are the predetermined Nanny timings to what will suit you, without consulting your Nanny first.

Be professional and understand that your Nanny also has a life, and you need to respect her privacy and rights.

Avoid a Communication Breakdown

One of the most common and easily avoidable problems arise from the lack of proper communication between Parents and Nannies. Many Nannies feel that they cannot discuss their problems and any concerns with their employers because of the total lack of communication and end up leaving their jobs without conveying the reason for it. In this scenario you may lose a good Nanny, who might have been easily satisfied if you had discussed the problems with her.

No Additional Perks To Offer

Along with a decent number of annual holidays, you also need to offer your Nanny some essential perks which will make her working experience an enjoyable one and not tiring and frustrating. Along with a good pay, reasonable Nanny duties and an adequate number of days off allowed during the year, you can also keep your Nanny happy with the additional perks of giving additional time off and allowing flexibility for the Nanny to leave for home early on occasion.

By striking up a proper working relationship, Parents can hope to retain their caring and trustworthy Nanny to care for their children for years to come!

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