The Nannys Role

The most important aspect of The Nannys Role is both to stimulate and to encourage your child’s emotional, intellectual, physical and social development.

While our ‘Nannies’ main priorities are the care and the wellbeing of the children, a childcare professional must also undertake some nursery duties and responsibilities relating to the children’s daily lives for example:

  • Getting children ready for the day; washed, dressed and breakfast time duties
  • Taking the children to and from playschool/schools
  • Taking care of all baby bottles sterilizing (if applicable)
  • Children’s laundry and ironing
  • Maintaining children’s bedrooms, bathroom and play areas
  • Cleaning of kitchen floor & kitchen counters/cupboards, filling/emptying dishwasher and emptying bins are expected daily tasks.
  • Taking the children to additional activities – play/toddler groups, mother & baby groups, music classes, sports etc.
  • Preparation of all meals – healthy, nutritious and varied menu
  • Keeping a diary, so that parents know their children’s routine during each day. Parents may wish for various elements of the day to be highlighted i.e. behaviour, sleep/nap times, food intake, milestones and achievements etc. It may also be important to note any school requirements that may need to be prepared for the following day/days e.g. school trips, sports equipment, swimming gear etc.
  • Organising “play dates” with children’s friends
  • Bringing the children on outings – park, zoo, adventure centres, museums
  • On their return home from school children’s home work to be completed with assistance and support where required
  • Providing arts & crafts and educational activities for the children – fully equipped art box should be in the family home at all times.
  • Organising doctor, dentist appointments, haircuts etc.
  • Organising uniforms, school books, any new clothes required etc.


All Nannies should plan and organise their week ensuring that all aspects of the children’s life are taken care of. A very high level of preparation and organisational skills are expected from all of our candidates.

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