Nanny Tips – When travelling with your family

Nanny Tip's - When travelling with your family

When you take up a full time nanny position, with a family that involves travel. There needs to be some flexibility between both family and Nanny, as this is important to maintain a happy working/travelling environment for everyone.

As part of our series of Nanny Tips, you will need to discuss and agree the following before you take any position that involves travelling:

  • Expected hours of work
  • Payment for hours worked
  • Working weekends
  • Travelling weekends
  • Travel and accommodation details
  • An allowance to do activities and sightseeing with the children
  • Eating meals with family and/or children or taken separately
  • Eat in hotel/room service you should agree to a budget for each meal taken in restaurant or room service.
  • Insurance when travelling
  • Time off
  • Sharing accommodation with children
  • Extra babysitting

As expected, getting it right before you leave can make all the difference to your trip and your continuing working relationship with the family.

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