Valentine’s Day Games

Valentine’s Day Games

Some Valentine’s Day Games to keep you and the kids occupied in the run up to Valentine’s Day this year. Enjoy!

Heart Messages

Valentine's Day Games - Heart Messages

Let your family know all day long how much you care by sending them some heart messages!

Cut out a stack of hearts from pink, red, white or any other color paper, write some little messages on them, and hide them in unexpected places.

Put them in jacket pockets, in briefcases and satchels, in shoes, in lunch boxes, in cereal bowls, under pillows, tucked into pajamas – wherever you think it is easy to find!

Cupid Says

Valentine's Day Games - Cupid Says

Play “Cupid Says” with little kids. Based on the ever popular “Simon Says” game, you can include some Valentine’s Day ideas such as “Give me a kiss” or “Give someone a hug”.

Valentine’s Day Bath

Valentine's Day Games - Valentine's Day Bath

Color the bath water pink or red with a little food coloring or add flower petals – children will love it! Cut some hearts out of craft foam and use them to decorate the sides of the bathtub.

Heart-Shaped Game

Valentine's Day Games - Heart-Shaped Game


Print out our page of gingham hearts, cut them out, and get your little ones to sort them by size or by color. You can make the game self-checking by adding numbers and color words to the back if you like, and make it more permanent by laminating the hearts.

There are six different colors and six different sizes. Start with just two colors and four sizes for the youngest children and add more in as they get older and better at sorting!

Have fun with this activity and we recommend adult supervision at all times.

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