St Patricks Day Snack

St Patrick’s Day Snack

St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Snack ideas!

When making a St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Snack not everything has to be green, there are plenty of ways to introduce and explore fruit and veg in the form of rainbows! Take inspiration from some of these wonderfully nutritious and delicious ideas!

St Patrick’s Day Snack

  • Take the children to the local farmers market or shop and have them pick out fruits and veg in every colour! Giving children choice is an easy way for them to use their initiative to eat fruit and veg.
  • Buy kebab sticks (if you are having trouble finding these, go and ask your local butcher for a lend)
  • Get layering, have children help wash the veg and you can peel and chop. This is a great way for colour sorting for toddlers as well. Have children put them in the order of a rainbow and slide them onto a kebab

Nanny Tip: Why not throw a few marshmallows on the end to add the cloud at the end of the rainbow?

St Patrick’s Day Snack

Have fun with this activity and we recommend adult supervision at all times

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