Paper Sculpture Rainbow

Paper Sculpture Rainbow

Create this paper sculpture rainbow for St. Patrick’s Day and you will have your own rainbow that leads you to the pot of gold!

You will need:

White card

Paper in the colors of the rainbow



Cut a cloud shape from the white card.

Cut strips from the paper. The strips need to be different lengths with red the longest and violet or purple as the shortest.

Fold over the ends of the red strip. Glue one end of the paper to the card cloud. Bend the paper over to make an arch and glue the end to the card. The glued ends will be inside the arch.

Repeat with a slightly shorter orange strip. Place it so that it sits under the red arch.

Repeat with each color until you have a rainbow.

Have fun with this activity and we recommend adult supervision always.

© Teresa Boardman, Nanny Options.

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