Handprint Leprechaun Craft

Handprint Leprechaun Craft

What you will need:

Handprint Leprechaun Craft

  • Colored paper or card (white, black, green and orange)
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pompoms (optional)
  • Star decorations (optional)
  • Black marker


Handprint Leprechaun Craft

  • Trace your child’s handprint onto an orange piece of paper or card and cut out.
  • Glue the white paper face onto the palm of the handprint with the fingers facing down.
  • Glue the top of the hat onto the end of the palm, then glue the bottom of the hat at its edge.
  • Cut out a small black square and a slightly larger gold square. Glue the small black square onto the larger gold square.
  • Glue the black band at the base of the hat, then glue the gold and black square in the middle of that. Trim any overhang from the sides of the hat.
  • Cut out two small rectangles from the orange paper to use as eyebrows. Glue these just below the hat.
  • Cut out a small oval from pink or red paper to use as a nose or as we used pompoms. Glue the nose in the middle of the face.
  • If you don’t want to use paper, you can always let your child use markers to draw on the leprechaun’s eyebrows and nose! This will save you some extra cutting and may be easier for little hands.
  • Using the black marker or pompoms, make two eyes below the eyebrows and a smile below the nose.

Handprint Leprechaun Craft

Have fun with this activity and we recommend adult supervision at all times.

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