Bright and Cheerful Mother’s Day Card

Bright and Cheerful Mother’s Day Card

What you will need:

  • Regular size and mini size cupcake liners
  • Buttons (Pom poms)
  • Blank card
  • Green crayon or pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Letters

Bright and Cheerful Mother's Day Card


  • Start by gluing a regular size cupcake liner onto the card.
  • Take another regular sized cupcake liner and glue it down on top of your other cupcake liner.
  • Layer your flower one more time by gluing a mini cupcake liner on top.
  • Glue a few brightly colored buttons / pom-poms in the center of your flower.
  • Finish your flower card by drawing a stem on your flower with your green crayon or use pipe cleaners. You could also use green cardstock paper for the stem, or green buttons.
  • Glue your letter to have a nice message for Mother’s Day, you can also insert a picture on the inside of the card and write a personal message.

Bright and Cheerful Mother's Day Card


Have fun with this activity and we recommend adult supervision at all times.

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