What will happen if we placed raisins into a glass of fizzy water?

What you will need:

  • Raisins
  • Plastic Glass / Bottles
  • Still / Sparkling water / 7up or Sprite
  • Food coloring

Poured some sparkling water into a small plastic bottle and dropped the sultanas into the fizzy liquids. The coloring is optional.

Dancing Raisins - Arts and Crafts with Nanny Options, Dublin

The sparkling water creates the fizz and bubbles.  Soon the bubbles start to pick up the raisins and carry them to the top of the glass.  As the bubbles pop at the top of the liquid, the raisins go back to the bottom of the glass and the pattern repeats again.

We placed some raisins into a glass of plain tap water to see what would happen.  They just sank straight to the bottom of the glass.

Have fun with this experiment and remember adult supervision at all times.