Egg and Spoon Race

A race of balance & co-ordination, the egg & spoon race is a classic game that will have kids laughing right up to the finish line & great to keep the kids occupied.

You will need:


Eggs – preferably hard boiled or golf balls is another option

Here’s how to play:

Arrange all the children at a start line with an egg and a teaspoon each.

When you are ready to start the race, ask them to place the egg onto their spoon and then place their other arm behind their back.

When you say go, the children will race – as fast as they can without the egg rolling off the spoon – to the finish line.

If the egg falls, the child starts again!

Whoever crosses the finish line first with their egg still balanced on their spoon and an arm behind their back, wins.

Have fun with this activity and we recommend adult supervision always.

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