Easter Fun Games

Bunny, Bunny, RABBIT! Bunny Tag and Easter Egg Toss are some great Easter Fun Games to keep the children occupied in the run up to easter.

Play Bunny, Bunny, RABBIT!

If your children have plenty of energy to burn, this is the perfect game for them!

Here’s how to play:

Sit the children down in a circle;

Select one child to be “it”;

The “it” child walks around the outside of the circle patting each player on the head and saying “bunny” until they want to say “RABBIT”;

Both the “it” child and the RABBIT must hop around the circle trying to reach the vacant spot;

Whoever doesn’t make it to the spot in time is then “it”.

Play Bunny Tag

Children get a lot of exercise when they play bunny tag. Pick one child to be the dog chasing the other children, who are the bunnies. The bunnies hop away from the fast-walking dog.

If they are caught, they crouch down and use their arms to make bunny ears atop their head until the game is finished. The last bunny caught becomes the dog during the next round.

Easter Egg Toss

You will need plastic Easter eggs and a basket. Using colorful adhesive tape, draw a line on the floor. Children must stand behind this line. Draw another line a short distance away and deposit the basket near this line. Give each child five eggs.

Children take turns throwing their eggs towards the basket. The child who successfully throws the most eggs in the basket wins.

Have fun with these activities and we recommend adult supervision always.

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