Easter Chick Egg Cartons

What you will need:

  • 1x 6 pack recycled egg carton
  • Yellow paint
  • Orange and yellow paper
  • Black felt tip pen or marker
  • Google eyes
  • Chocolate eggs
  • Easter Decorations


  • Make 3 (sideways) cuts into the egg carton, you should have two connected egg cartons
  • Paint the connected cartons yellow and allow to dry
  • Trace your chick’s feet and beak onto the orange paper and cut out; repeat this step onto the yellow paper for the chick’s wings.
  • Glue your wings, feet, and beak onto your chick
  • Use your black felt tip pen to dot on eyes or use small goggle eyes
  • Fill your chicks with sweets, different Easter decorations, or secret Easter messages!

Have fun creating your Easter Chick Egg Cartons, and we would love to see some of your handiwork if you follow this guide.
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© Teresa Boardman, Nanny Options.

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