Christmas Decorations Idea

Christmas Decorations Idea

Christmas Decorations Idea

This clever idea was sent in from one of our fabulous nannies, Annie Driver. Aside from her experience in childcare, Annie has a strong background in Art, with a degree in Fine Arts and Design. Annie is also an active participant in Art Therapy and has worked on several projects bringing together the benefits of art to Children.

My Xmas Decoration Idea may sound simple, but I often think ‘simple’ in busy family life can be great for the family to do as an activity together.

It is my family tradition during the buildup to Xmas to make new Crepe Paper Chains. There are nine of us in my family and we would all sit and watch our favorite Xmas film while helping each other make the longest paper chain we could.

It is a great activity to get the older sibling to guide the younger ones.

All you need is:

Crepe Paper in colors of your choice (I always go with green and red),
Double sided sticky tape (no mess so you can sit on the sofa and do it!)
Scissors and blue tack or pins to hang the chain up.

Crepe Paper is cheap and can be bought in most art shops. The paper usually comes in a flat role. Cut the paper into 5cm strips width ways. Then you can cut the length of each strip into about 24cm. However, this does not need to be exact.

Once you have all your strips ready you can begin linking the strips into festive chains. I alternate the color’s, but you can let the children come up with a pattern or even do them at random- This can often work well and is easier for younger children to get stuck in!

To secure the links of paper together use small pieces of double-sided tape. Now see how long and creative your family paper chain can be!

In my experience this is an inclusive activity where the 3year old and even Granny can get involved for a special family moment.

Christmas Decorations Idea

Have fun with this activity and we recommend adult supervision at all times.

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