Superhands Baby Sign App

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Superhands Baby Sign App

Now you can teach your baby to sign on the go – with SuperHands’ fun and innovative new app.

SuperHands Baby Sign is Ireland’s number one organisation dedicated to teaching babies and toddlers to communicate through sign language before they can speak. Now you can teach your baby to sign on the go – with a fun and innovative new iPhone/iPad app from SuperHands.

Baby sign language is a series of simple gestures, or signs, that parents and their little one use together to quickly and easily convey meaning. The signs are used before a baby can even talk, so it helps reduce the frustration associated with him or her not being understood. Most babies don’t begin to speak until well into their second, or even third, year and this can lead to frustration and tantrums.

Imagine your baby could tell you he wanted his teddy, or more milk, or that he saw a plane! It’s thoroughly enjoyable for both babies and their parents. Because signing is used alongside normal speech it can enhance development of language & vocabulary in babies.

Baby sign language is most suitable from 3 months old right up until 23 months. Signing will take babies through those sometimes difficult first couple of years when they long to explore and communicate with the world, but are often scuppered by the inability to express themselves.

As well as reducing frustration signing with your baby can strengthen the parent/child bond, accelerate speech, stimulate physical and intellectual development, and increase confidence. But most of all it’s FUN! Teaching your baby to sign is simple and fun, and now you can do it on the go!

With the SuperHands baby sign app you can learn the signs and pick up tips with the touch of a button or the swipe of a finger. So download our unique baby sign app and get signing with your little one today!

To download the SuperHands Baby Sign App or for more information visit

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