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I started using sign language with my eldest son and saw just how magical and enjoyable it was to communicate with him before the age of one. I will never forget when he first signed “milk” at 8 months!

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When I had twins in 2016, I was already teaching baby sign and taught them from birth. By 4 months, they were already understanding and attempting sign. Having so enjoyed all the benefits of early communication with my own children, I set up Chatterparrot in 2019.

I am passionate about baby sign and believe ALL babies deserve the chance and the tools to communicate with us as soon as they are ready. All babies sign before they can talk. Like talking it happens on their own timeline. The timeline also depends on how much you sign with them.

As well as younger infants, the baby sign classes naturally benefit toddlers who might for various reasons, be slower to use their spoken words.  Sign is also VERY useful during that frustrating toddler stage when no one knows if “ba” means a “banana”, a “ball” or a “book”!

Chatterparrot baby sign classes use keyword signs from Irish Sign Language. They offer parents and caregivers the time and space to promote early interaction while having fun with their baby through music and sensory play. Each week introduces a new topic (e.g. food, everyday routines, vehicles, animals etc.) There are different sensory experiences or musical activities to stimulate listening skills and sound awareness. Parents have plenty of musical fun too!


Before I had my children, I had studied and taught languages (French and German) and linguistics, so I now also run Baby  French classes for any parents wanting to give their children two languages or just do something a bit different during their maternity leave! These classes are designed for any speakers of French whether it is a mother or another tongue. Classes use stories, songs, signs, mimes and musical activities.

Chatterparrot baby sign and baby French classes offer a rich experience for your baby’s development. There is plenty of fun and interaction for everyone! You can find Chatterparrot at,, or contact me at for details of the next classes or to arrange a home visit.

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