Bloom Baby Classes

Bloom Baby Classes

Bloom Baby Classes is a specialised service that offers aid development at one of our sensory classes for babies in Bray, Newtonmountkennedy, Greystones, Arklow and Wicklow. The service provides a range of classes and workshops designed to help new parents navigate the early stages of their baby’s life.

The classes provided by Bloom Baby Classes cover a range of topics and are led by Amy McHugh, an experienced professional who loves working with babies and their parents.


At Bloom Baby Classes, your baby will love learning through each of their senses. Each class is specifically designed to aid your child’s development, whilst also strengthening the bond between you and your baby. With a different theme each week, our baby classes will provide your little one with new sights, sounds and sensory experiences for you both to discover and explore together at each session. Each of the classes we put on here at Bloom have been perfectly planned to provide many benefits for you as well as your baby. Bloom classes encourage every part of your growing baby’s development; stimulating their inquisitive minds as well as their growing bodies and physical development. With two different classes where activites are suitable for babies age and development and will help them develop to meet each development milestone.

Bloom Baby Classes is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive environment for all parents and babies.

With experienced professionals leading the classes and a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, Bloom Baby Classes is a valuable resource for any new parent.

To find out more about Bloom Baby Class, visit the website here or check them out on Facebook and Instagram

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