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When a Child Stammers

When a Child Stammers: Understand, Embrace and Support  Did You Know? Aristotle, Claudius Caesar, Sir Isaac Newton and Erasmus Darwin all stammered in their early...

Nannies Bonding with Families

Nannies Bonding with Families Most parents that work full time will hire a professional nanny to give them extra support and have reassurance that their...

Poisoning – Chemicals under the Kitchen Sink

Poisoning - Chemicals under the Kitchen Sink The kitchen is often termed as the most glorious part of the house, after all it is where...

Foods and Nutrients

Foods and Nutrients our Body Needs In order to function properly, our bodies need certain categories of foods and nutrients, which are provided by a...

Advising Your Child Not to Talk to Strangers

Advising your Child Not to Talk to Strangers “Don’t talk to strangers” is a statement we have all grown up with. Our parents have always...

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