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Our Au Pairs Nanny Options Au pairs are candidates from within Europe who have come to Ireland on an au pair exchange. They come to learn...

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Preparation of Bottles

The World Health Organization research has shown that bottles should be made up individually before each feed. Have an area in the kitchen where...

Can I Spoil My Child

Can I Spoil My Child? “Can I spoil my child?” said every parent at one point in their life. Raising a child is never that...

Is Competition Good for your Children

Is Competition Good for your Children This is one of those questions that cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Researchers and child...

Having a Premature Baby

Premature Babies and Their Development: NICU Care A full term pregnancy is between 37 to 42 weeks. A woman giving birth to a baby any...

What Is Colic?

Colic is the term used when your otherwise healthy baby cries excessively and can't be soothed. All babies cry, of course, but crying is excessive...

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