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Buying for Baby

Buying for Baby

Everything you need for your new arrival Buying for baby is a huge task, and you can bet that you will be making some of...

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The Importance of Music for Babies and Children

Music is an artistic expression in the form of dancing, singing and playing musical instruments. Music should be an essential part of a child’s...

Child Development through Play

Child Development through Play, School and Montessori Your child has started walking and exploring the world for themselves. What’s next? With similar trends seen across the...

Are Children Growing Up Too Fast?

Are Children Growing Up too Fast? What Changes Can We make to keep Up with Them? No parent can know the feeling of raising a...

Historical Sites in Ireland

Visiting historical sites in Ireland with your children can be educational as well as fun. We have listed some historical sites that we hope may...

First Time Parents

This is a very exciting time for parents and especially first time parents but it can also be a little daunting heading into the...

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